Often research problems are complex and require multidisciplinary skills and collaborations. I am interested in working with people from fields related to additive manufacturing, geomechanics, contact mechanics, biomechanics, nondestructive evaluations, and composite materials. Research organizations, other academic research groups, and professors are encouraged to go through the Wave Propagation and Metamaterials Laboratory website and contact the head of the lab Prof. Katie Matlack for further communication.

Graduate Students:
Graduate students interested in knowing more about my research projects and possible collaboration can directly contact me.

Undergraduate Students:
Working with graduate students is a great opportunity for undergrad students to get involved in research work. I am always looking for motivated and hard-working undergraduate students to work with me. Students who have taken TAM 212 (Introductory Dynamics) and TAM 251 (Introductory Solid Mechanics) previously will have a preference but that is not a strict requirement. If you find my research interesting then you can send me an email with your resume.

Undergraduate researchers can earn credit hours depending upon their weekly research hour commitment. Please read through the MechSE Undergraduate Research page to know more about credit hours.

Read about my current and past mentees and their research work/experiences here.