Multifunctional Materials

Lattices for Thermo-Mechanical Applications

Thermal and vibrational multifunctionality is crucial for thermomechanical applications such as automotive, aerospace, building, transportation, and energy infrastructure. Phononic material that exhibits improved vibration isolation or thermal management properties has been presented individually but combining these two properties has remained a challenge due to counteracting requirements. In this project, we design a phononic material that shows vastly improved thermal conductance and omnidirectional phononic band gaps. We redesign the truss structures to serve as interconnected heat pipes to improve thermal properties and add nodal masses at truss junctions to obtain full vibrational band gaps. We also show that an independent tuning of vibrational and thermal properties within the same structure is possible. Read more about the project here.



  • O. Babatola, G. U. Patil, D. Hsieh, K. H. Matlack, S. Sinha, Independently tunable thermal conductance and phononic bandgaps of 3D lattice materials. Advanced Engineering Materials, vol.22(2), 1901004(2019)