While working as a Ph.D. student, I am committed to mentor early-stage graduate, undergraduate, and high-school students from various backgrounds and of various study levels. If you are interested in working with me, please contact the PI (Prof. Katie Matlack) of the lab I am working with.

Current Undergraduate Students:








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Songyuan Cui (Junior, Mechanical Science and Engineering)

Project 1: Analysis of transient nonlinear wave propagation (Sp20)
Project 2: Nonlinear wave mixing in one-dimensional phononic materials (Fa20-Current)

Oral presentation at Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS), 2021 – Received an “Outstanding Presentation” award in the “Science and Technology” section of the Undergraduate Symposium for his presentation.


Past Undergraduate Students:








Tommy Block (Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Project: Characterization of 3D printed rough surfaces (Fa19-Sp20)








Aditya Shedge (Mechanical Science and Engineering)

Project 1: Evaluating Geometric Dependence of Lattice Effective Properties through Wave Propagation (Fa18-Sp19)
Publication: G. U. Patil, A.S. Shedge, K. H. Matlack, 3D auxetic lattice materials for anomalous elastic wave polarization. Applied Physics Letters, vol.115, 091902 (2019)

Project 2: Lattice Database for Appropriate Geometry and Symmetry Selection (Fa19)
Poster Presentation at Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS), 2019

Current Position: Semiconductor Packaging Engineer, Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX

Here is what Aditya has to say about his research experience:

“Working with Ganesh at the WPML was a great experience where I got to contribute meaningfully to challenging projects in a friendly and collaborative environment. I was able to learn a lot about the mechanical properties of materials and use industry-level tools such as COMSOL (an FEA modeling & simulation tool) and MATLAB. Being able to have access to and work in a laboratory environment introduced me to a lot of interesting and cool instruments whose function all of the grad students were happy to explain. In my weekly 1-on-1 meetings with Ganesh, he was very well-prepared, explained complex topics thoroughly, and was always open to learning from me as well. Working with him allowed me to present my work at the Undergraduate Research Symposium and co-author a paper alongside him and Prof. Matlack. The projects I worked on allowed me to apply topics learned in ME340 & ME360 and gave me a head start on topics taught in ME471. I was also able to discuss the projects I worked on in my resume and various interviews. Working in the WPML was of the highlights of my academic career and is something I would highly recommend to anyone interested.”








Edgar Becerra (Parkland College)

Project: Physical Realization of Bilinear Stiffness Spring (Summer 2019)
Oral and Poster Presentation at the Illinois Summer Research Symposium (ISRS), 2019


Mark Guo (Parkland College)
Project: Numerical Model of Non-reciprocal spring-mass system (Summer 2019)