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Big Data’s Role in Solving Real-World Problems

Big Data plays an integral role in solving scientific, social, economic, and engineering challenges, especially as our capabilities of data sensing, transmitting, collecting, processing, analyzing, and predicting mature. The two-day “Symposium on Frontiers of Big Data” at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, sponsored by the Grainger Foundation, will explore the new problems and challenges ahead of us and the upcoming solutions that indicate and lead to the needed big data answers.


Through a series of keynotes, short talks, discussions, and interviews with leading national senior and junior researchers from academia and industry, the symposium will explore frontiers of Agriculture Systems, Big Data and Bioinformatics, Machine Learning and Optimization, and more.

Keynote Speakers include:

  • Kathleen Carley, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Michael Franklin, University of Chicago
  • Alfred Hero, University of Michigan
  • Michael Jordan, University of California, Berkeley
  • James Krogmeier, Purdue University
  • Guanghui (George) Lan, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Mihai Pop, University of Maryland
  • Dana Randall, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • John Wilkes, Google Inc.