Learning Objectives

What can you expect to learn or experience as a participant in this Academy?

  1. Understand the complexity of a food system and be able to analyze each sector as it relates to others in the system
  2. Develop specialized knowledge in key food system areas
  3. Analyze the relatedness of nutrition and health among the soil, plants, animals, and humans in a food system
  4. Understand how environmental pressures caused by climate change impact our food system
  5. Understand current approaches to assessing the efficacy of food system components
  6. Analyze research findings and evaluate how they are used to implement change in a food system
  7. Evaluate the pros and cons of food system elements
  8. Understand various food supply chains for the Chicago area
  9. Identify key government, non-governmental, and non-profit organizations, and industries involved in the infrastructure and policies that guide our food system
  10. Network with other student and professional change-makers in the food system