Ongoing Projects

  1. Mapping food insecurity and identifying its predictive characteristics in the United States.
  2. Using data visualization tools to help farmers reduce nitrogen runoff through the use of cover crops.
  3. Using precision agriculture to empirically identify the effect of nitrogen on maize yields across environmental conditions.
  4. Evaluating SMS and voice surveys to map frequent food security outcomes.
  5. Construction of a global, high-resolution database of climate shocks to agriculture from 1950-2015
  6. Estimate effect of climate shocks on food trade.
  7. Link extreme weather events to food production shortfalls to conflict.
  8. Using machine learning models to link drought, food production, market access and food security outcomes in Zambia.
  9. Determining the impact of crop insurance for water resources sustainability and water quality.
  10. Using national survey data to understand the contribution of trees on farms in Africa to livelihoods and food security
  11. Systematic map of impacts of agroforestry on food security, economic development, and environmental sustainability