Call for Submissions


Interested authors are encouraged to submit contributions from a broad range of topics related to food and data, including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Precision Agriculture
  • Computational Gastronomy
  • Food Supply Chain Security
  • Food Waste Management
  • Flavor Psychophysics
  • Food Logistics and Trade
  • Culinary Science
  • Public Health and Nutrition
  • Food Science
  • Data Ontologies
  • Privacy

Researchers working across food industries, in emerging fields of food and data, or on novel applications thereof, are especially encouraged to submit their findings.

Submissions should be abstracts that are one or two paragraphs long, sent via email to  Submissions will be evaluated on a rolling basis, so early submissions are encouraged.  All submissions must be received by September 1.

Journal Special Issue

In connection with the workshop, we are organizing a special issue of the open access journal Frontiers in Big Data focused on food and data, edited by Sebastian Ahnert and Lav Varshney.  We strongly encourage original contributions to this workshop to also submit to the journal.  Abstracts are due November 1 and papers are due in February 2017.  Details at the Frontiers website here.