Phylogenetic Supertree of 151 families of Diptera

This phylogenetic tree is the result of a supertree analysis of all 151 Dipteran families summarized at the Infraorder/Superfamily level. The supertree analysis was based on an MRP coded matrix (Baum 1992, Ragan 1992) of 12 primary source trees (Griffiths 1972, Hennig 1973, Wood and Borkent 1989, Woodley 1989, McAlpine 1989, Pape 1992, Sinclair et al. 1994, Cumming et al. 1995, Oosterbroek and Courtney 1995, Matile 1997, Yeates 2002, Collins and Wiegmann 2002), with 313 node characters and 151 families. Family classification was modified from that on The Diptera Site. A heuristic parsimony analysis was conducted with PAUP* 4.0b10 using Goloboff’s weighting function and an all zero outgroup. The analysis was run with 10 random addition sequences, NNI branch swapping, producing 1879 trees (each of cost -295.34). The tree is a semi-strict consensus and it is stable to values of k ranging from 1 to 8.

D. YeatesR. Meier, and B. Wiegmann.