Buzz about Flies

Cool Stuff About Flies…

How the Fly Evades the Swatter
(link above to Science Friday®
provides additional links & credits for the Flash® video below)

Blow flies get virtual reality in flight simulator – Fly-O-Vision!

Phorid flies provide slow death from the skies! part 1 | part 2

Fly poetry by Giles Watson
Mosquito larvae portraits – art in real life
Flies on the eating and being eaten end of life – find them!

Antarctica’s chironomid midge
Robotic Spy flies
Remote Control Flies
Why Fruit Flies like Fizzy Drinks but not caffeine
Midges Reveal Past Climate
Insects to Solve Crimes

About Flies…

Diptera site at UC-Berkeley
Flies from Entophiles
Virtual Exhibit on Canada’s Biodiversity – Diptera and photo gallery
Fly, mosquito, & midge research at CSIRO
Wikipedia on Flies and Fly Families

About Flies of Economic Importance…

Mosquitoes and Fruit flies from Scientific American

The Australian Bush Fly
Mosquitoes from University of California
Mosquitoes (Walter Reed Biosystematics Unit)
North American Dipteran Pollinators
In Praise of Blackflies – William H. Amos
SPLAT: New Fruit Fly Control
Black Dump Fly: Larval Predator of House Flies

Myiasis: fancy term for maggots living under the skin (yuck!!) from Bug Girl’s Blog
Bot Flies (Oestrididae)
Tumbu (Calliphoridae)

Maggot therapy (the flip side of myiasis; mainly Calliphoridae)

About Fly Families…

Asilidae (robberflies) including Euscelidia
Ceratopogonidae (biting midges)
Culicidae (mosquitoes)
Mydidae & Apioceridae
Phoridae (ant-decapitating & bee-killing flies)
Sarcophagidae (flesh flies)
Scenopinidae (window flies)
Tabanidae (horse flies)
Tephritidae (fruit flies)
Therevidae (stiletto flies)
Tipulidae (crane flies)

see also extensive links to fly families in Wikipedia

For Young Dipterists

Diptera Safari – photo safari through the families of flies
“Ann” Anopheles Mosquito – her trade is dishing out malaria…
Fun with Flies!

Beyond Flies for Young Entomologists

Bug Fun from the University of Kentucky
Virtual Exhibit of Canadian Biodiversity – Insects especially Diptera
Online Arthropod Activities for Different Grade Levels

Organizations, Societies, Groups Talking About Diptera…

American Mosquito Control Association
Entomological Society of America
North American Dipterists Society
Arbeitskreis Diptera (practice your German!)
List of Societies maintained by USDA Systematic Entomology Lab

Diptera Databases

FlyBase (database of Drosophila genome)
Biosystematic Database of World Diptera
Therevid WebMandala

Museum Collections Featuring Diptera

Canadian National Collection

Dipteran Catalogs

Catalog of the Diptera of the Australian & Oceanian Regions
Ceratopogonidae of Costa Rica
Catalogue of the Fossil Flies of the World (Insecta: Diptera)
2001 Systematic Catalog of the Culicidae
Update of World Catalog of the Phoridae
British Insects: The Families of Diptera

Periodical Publications Devoted to Diptera

Studia Dipterologica (Journal) & Studia Dipterologica Supplement (monographs)