Zhongyao Zhang

 Zhongyao Zhang

zzhng158 at Illinois dot edu
B.S. Chemical Engineering: Tianjin University (2016)
Curriculum Vitae

Project Description: Carbon fiber composite adhesion mechanism and improvement. Tailoring carbon surface and understanding surface function distributions. FTIR and XPS are combined to identify carbon surface functions. Potentiometric titration is used to quantify surface functions by pKa values. Surface function distribution has a clear influence on fiber surface energy and interfacial shear strength of fiber-resin composite. Contact angle measurement will help calculate surface energy and micro bond fiber test can provide interfacial shear strength. Through controlling surface function distribution, we will develop a clear understanding on how surface functions influencing interfacial shear strength of carbon fiber composite.

Honors and Awards: 

  • [2014] First Place in Mathematical Modeling Contest – Tianjin University
  • [2014] Second Place Nationally in Mathematical Modeling Contest


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