Pranjali Priyadarshini

 Pranjali Priyadarshini

priyada2 at Illinois dot edu
B.S., Chemical Engineering: Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani (2013)

Project Description: Heterogeneous catalysis, especially at solid-liquid interface, is a complex phenomenon which makes in-situ studies at the interface challenging. We are combining two spectroscopic techniques, attenuated total reflectance Infrared (ATR-IR) spectroscopy and modulation excitation spectroscopy (MES), to probe the complex solid-liquid interface and gain insight about the intermediates in a reaction, the kinetics of intermediate steps, reaction mechanisms and other factors affecting the selectivity. Currently, we apply this approach to the direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide to understand its mechanism, the effect of structure and composition of catalyst, the effect of solvents and addition of other additives in the reaction.

4. Wilson, N.W.; Shröder, J.; Priyadarshini,P.; Bregante, D.T.; Kunz, S.;  Flaherty, D.W.; “Direct Synthesis of H2O2­ on PdZn Nanoparticles: The Impact of Electronic Modifications and Heterogeneity of Active Sites” J. Catal, Accepted

3. Neil M. Wilson, Priyadarshini, P.; Kunz, S.; Flaherty, D.W.; “Direct Synthesis of H2O2­ on Pd and AuPd Clusters: Understanding the Effects of Alloying Pd with Au,”  J. Catal. 2018357, 163-175.

2. Bregante, D.T.; Priyadarshini, P.; Flaherty, D.W.; “Kinetic and Spectroscopic Evidence for Reaction Pathways and Intermediates for Olefin Epoxidation on Nb in *BEAJ. Catal., 2017, 348, 75-89.

1. Wilson, N.M.;‡ Bregante, D.T.; Priyadarshini, P.; Flaherty, D.W.; “Production and use of H2O2 for atom-efficient functionalization of hydrocarbons and small moleculesCatalysis, 2017, 29, 122-212.

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