Hongbo Zhang

 Hongbo Zhang

zhang811 at Illinois dot edu
Ph.D., Heterogeneous Catalysis: Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (2012)
B.S., Materials Chemistry: Nankai University (2006)
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Project Description: The processing of biomass produces massive amounts of ethanol and acetaldehyde (C2 oxygenates), which need to be further upgraded before they can be used as fuels or lubricants. Titanium and similar group IV and V metal oxides catalyze C-C bond formation among C2 oxygenates (e.g., via Aldol Addition) as well as other reactions (e.g., MPV, Dehydration, Esterification). A combination of kinetic, spectroscopic, and isotope labelling studies elucidate the how these processes occur and reveal trends that arise from differences in the physicochemical properties of these catalysts. Therefore, increasingly selective and active catalysts may be devised from the design criteria revealed from these studies.

Honors and Awards: 

  • [2011] DICP-Corning Graduate Student Fellowship
  • [2007, 2009] Excellent Student Award of the Year


11. Hongbo Zhang and David W. Flaherty, Thermal Dynamic and Kinetic Studies on C-C Bond Formation from Ethanol over Amphoteric Metal Oxides; in preparation.

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1. Hongbo Zhang, Xiulian Pan, Jingyue Liu, Weizhong Qian, Fei Wei, Yuying Huang and Xinhe Bao*, Enhanced catalytic activity of sub-nanometer titania clusters confined inside double-wall carbon nanotubes ChemSusChem, 4 (7), 975-980 (2011).

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