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Group Meeting Schedule

Long talks should begin with an overview of the project, include notable and important results from the lifetime of the project. The remaining time should focus on in depth discussion of results since the last long talk.

Literature talks provide an opportunity for us to learn about new areas of chemistry, cutting-edge experimental methods, or emerging topics in catalysis. Please prepare instructive talks that "teach" the group about the topic.

Diversity minutes provide an opportunity for us to learn about what makes you a diverse individual or a diversity topic you are passionate about. It helps us get to know colleagues beyond science, understand cultural differences, and develop respect for one another.

Please bring a small snack (e.g., bagels, cookies, or fruit) and a drink (e.g., juice, coffee, or tea) and utensils for everyone.

New graduate students are welcome to attend group meetings, please contact Dave in advance.

Modern-Day Flaherty Lab

Good times during group meeting! 02/12/2021
05/18/20 Zoom Meeting During Lockdown!
12/14/19 – Toys for Tots
11/1/19 – Dave’s birthday celebrations
11/1/19 – Dave’s birthday celebrations
10/21/19 – Pranjali presents at the Research Live! final
10/18/19 – Jason gives a talk at the ChBE symposium
10/18/19 – Zeynep presents poster at the ChBE symposium
10/18/19 – Tom presents poster at the ChBE symposium
Pointing at the Boss!
07/10/19 – BBQ at Dave’s place
May Birthday Celebrations!
01/25/19- Escape room adventures
12/07/18 – Toys for Tots – Price is Right
Females of Flaherty Lab – 2018
Spring BBQ at chez Kaplan and Flaherty!
Holiday Outing 2017
Congrats Neil and Andy!
Flaherty Lab Saves the World – 11/17/17
Team Super Hero
Team AI
08/25/17 BBQ at Dave’s – The group
08/21/17 Eclipse Party on the Quad 1 of 2
08/21/17 Eclipse Party on the Quad 2 of 2
08/25/17 BBQ at Dave’s
08/25/17 BBQ at Dave’s – It was hilarious

Ph.D. Defenses

Andy with the Boss
A handshake 5 years in the making
Congrats Andy!
Dr. Wilson
Finally done.
Congrats Neil!
Andy with his proud family
They say you turn into your advisor…
All done!
Congrats Megan!!

Vintage (pre-2015) Flaherty Lab

Flaherty Lab Spring 2015
Megan and Christine
Team UHV
Team H2O2
2013 Holiday Party
Artistic UHV work
It’s gonna’ blow…
What’s he looking at?
DWF hard at work
Proud designer
DWF and MEW at ANL
2014 Party at Dave’s

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