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The transition to college life and the anxiety it can bring

The transition between high school and college can be a tough one for many students. Moving away from the comfort of home and family can really take its toll on a lot of young adults. College campuses can be a hectic place with the exam pressures and some of the social pressures that go with read more »

Why are some teenagers more prone to depression than others?

Mental illness is often not treated seriously enough and can lead to fatal outcomes. One of the most over looked illnesses is depression. Many people, even parents of teens, mistake this for sadness or sometimes even weakness, and do not look any deeper into the issue. However, teens more than ever these days are struggling read more »

Ways in which practicing mindfulness can help one cope with anxiety

Taking the time out of your day to be more reflective of your surroundings and current feelings may seem daunting at first. In our day and age, we are constantly in motion to seek the next conversation, the next meal, social event, fashion trend, or funny video coming up on social media. We’re being bombarded read more »