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Essential Oils for Meditation

We are in the age where multitasking is hailed as the norm, but that means juggling our professional careers, personal relationships, hobbies, and taking care of our families. It’s extremely easy to become anxious about giving each responsibility the attention it deserves which can lead to negative effects on our health over time. With its read more »

Exercising your way to a sober life

Having to deal with a drug or alcohol addiction can be a tough ordeal. It can affect your entire body both mentally and physically and can have a firm grip on your life. An addiction can control how you decide to live depending on how deep rooted it is into your life style. Having the read more »

Vitamin Therapy and Alcohol Addiction

What alcohol can do to you Overcoming an alcohol addiction can be a very tough task, especially if you don’t have the correct guidance and knowledge during the recovery process. Many people who suffer from alcoholism find it hard to stay sober and can sometimes slip back into their old habits if they are not read more »

Important steps to alcohol addiction recovery

Important steps to alcohol addiction recovery Breaking the vicious cycle of alcohol addiction can be extremely challenging for someone to endure by themselves. It is a dangerous and expensive issue to have and needs to be addressed. However, with the correct tools and support system, anyone is able to overcome the tough obstacles they are read more »

Ways in which practicing mindfulness can help one cope with anxiety

Taking the time out of your day to be more reflective of your surroundings and current feelings may seem daunting at first. In our day and age, we are constantly in motion to seek the next conversation, the next meal, social event, fashion trend, or funny video coming up on social media. We’re being bombarded read more »