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Exercising your way to a sober life

Having to deal with a drug or alcohol addiction can be a tough ordeal. It can affect your entire body both mentally and physically and can have a firm grip on your life. An addiction can control how you decide to live depending on how deep rooted it is into your life style. Having the read more »

A tough experience – when to get drug and alcohol intervention 

When someone you care about begins to use drugs or drink alcohol excessively, it can be scary. These substances can not only change how they act in their daily lives but can also cause major damage to their bodies. It is something that no family wants to have to deal with and can be a read more »

Youth and common street drugs in the Modern World

Youth and common street drugs In this day and age, there are so many drugs available on the market it can seem impossible to safe guard against them all. To go with this young adults are always finding different drug slang terms to describe the types of drugs they are using. This means it can read more »

Vitamin Therapy and Alcohol Addiction

What alcohol can do to you Overcoming an alcohol addiction can be a very tough task, especially if you don’t have the correct guidance and knowledge during the recovery process. Many people who suffer from alcoholism find it hard to stay sober and can sometimes slip back into their old habits if they are not read more »

Important steps to alcohol addiction recovery

Important steps to alcohol addiction recovery Breaking the vicious cycle of alcohol addiction can be extremely challenging for someone to endure by themselves. It is a dangerous and expensive issue to have and needs to be addressed. However, with the correct tools and support system, anyone is able to overcome the tough obstacles they are read more »