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Enabling an Addict

Watching someone you highly care about experience the struggles of an addiction can be hard. It’s only obvious that you want to reach out and help them to stop the vicious cycle of suffering. Close friends and especially parents will want to lend a helping hand regardless of how complex or risky the situation may read more »

 How to Deal with an Alcoholic

There are many people who need help with alcohol, want to know how to help drug addicts, or how to get help for a family member with mental health issues from substance abuse. Being strongly addicted to the mind-numbing effects it provides leads to dependency issues. Some people may try to avoid their addiction symptoms read more »

Essential Oils for Meditation

We are in the age where multitasking is hailed as the norm, but that means juggling our professional careers, personal relationships, hobbies, and taking care of our families. It’s extremely easy to become anxious about giving each responsibility the attention it deserves which can lead to negative effects on our health over time. With its read more »

Contact Sports and Xanax Addiction

Many athletes who play contact sports will get described pain relief medicine by their trainers and doctors to get them ready to practice and play pain free. Getting hit by 250 pound bulldozers over and over again can eventually take it’s toll on someone’s body, and strong pain prescription drugs may be administered such as read more »

How to Prevent Common Street Drug Addiction

  Over the years many people have come up with many different ideas to prevent drug addiction in teens and knock it out of society once and for all. In my opinion, if we really do want to get rid of it then we could just enforce the death penalty for anyone in possession of read more »

Xanax and anxiety

There are many different type of prescription drugs that are given to us by doctors for many different reasons. You may get septa for a mouth infection, penicillin for a throat infection or many other different kinds. However some people do not realize just how addictive some of these drugs can be, for example if read more »

Drug abuse in the workplace

Sometimes it is a common mistake to think that only the poor and misled can run into issues with drugs. This is definitely not the case and this stigma needs to immediately be wiped away. There are many jobs which can lead to excessive drug use; for example, they could be to used to energize read more »

Family interventions in substance abuse

  When you find out that someone you deeply care about is using drugs or drinking alcohol excessively it can be a scary situation. These substances will not only change their typical behavior but can also cause serious long term damage to their bodies. Not only is it hard drugs that can be an issue; read more »

Prescription drugs vs. hard drugs – why times are changing 

As we all know drugs are given to you by a doctor for a specific purpose, either to cure an illness or treat an ongoing disease. Otherwise taking prescription drugs can be dangerous for your body and overall physical health. To go with this they can be very addictive if someone starts to take them read more »

Should alcohol be a feared substance?

Alcohol can be found anywhere these days; from your local liquor store, to a large supermarket, to the quiet corner shop on your street. Many people do not see alcohol as any sort of threat and like to include it in their lives. People argue that there’s no harm in alcohol because drinking a few read more »