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Understanding Mental Health Stigma

Mental health stigma is a touchy subject for the media, politics, and even workplaces around the country. Imagine those with mental health disorders who are living behind closed doors and don’t know where to turn to for help. More young adults and even teenagers are struggling with mental health disorders like depression, ADHD, PTSD, and read more »

What is naturopathic medicine?

Are you sick of going to the doctor, waiting in line, and being prescribed a cookie cutter pill? The way we address treatment for disorders is changing as the cost of healthcare is skyrocketing every year. While not everyone is familiar with the idea of using naturopathic medicine for long term healing, most wish that read more »

Managing Relapse Prevention

Want to get through addiction? These days, addiction education is stressing the topic of relapse prevention so people learn how to deal with the tough days of treatment. Not everyone will have the “perfect” process of treatment and could easily fall victim to triggers that lead them astray. Ask any former drug or alcohol addict read more »

Long Term Drug Rehab

Addiction treatment programs are designed to help patients treat their withdrawal symptoms, navigate future triggers, and learn about their bodies so their dependency on drugs or alcohol can slowly decrease. For most people, long-term addiction treatment care is more preferable than short-term since it’s been proven in studies to decrease the risk of relapse prevention, read more »

Pain Pill Addiction

Pain pill addictions may seem like a difficult thing to develop, but no one wakes up and plans to become addicted to a drug. Addiction can get the best of anyone who isn’t watching their daily habits, their overall health, and lean into abusing drugs like pain pills to cope with deeper issues going on read more »

Overcoming Xanax Abuse

Overcoming addiction from Xanax is difficult but doesn’t have to be a complicated process.For many people struggling with benzodiazepine addiction, also known as Xanax addiction, the toughest step toward achieving full recovery is the very first one of recognizing that they have a problem. From there, they have to decide to make a change and read more »

Workplace Addiction

In any type of case, being around a high-stress work environment can cause signs of poor mental health, worse off physical health, and a lower sense of control over time. Work-life balance is incredibly important for both the employer and the workers themselves. The key to having a confident, efficient, and motivated workforce is to read more »

Have A Healthy Microbiome

Maintaining a healthy microbiome can be hard to do, but the key is to make small but lasting changes in your diet and lifestyle over time. Anyone can go from having a fast food filled day to one that includes nutritious meals and keeps energy levels at an all-time high. While we can’t be perfect read more »

Mental Health in Phoenix

Our generation is suffering from issues like depression and  more than ever before. It’s hard to cope when we live a world that is glued to our cell phones, constantly following Instagram updates, and looking forward to hustling our energy away without focusing on maintaining a health balance. Sometimes too much can be thrown our read more »

Having A Recovery Companion

When someone needs proper recovery from an addiction problem, having a strong support system and a lending ear is the most important. Addiction can be isolating, scary, and stressful. Having a support group who can help you network is key since relapse rates are supposed to range from forty to sixty percent of all people who read more »