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Smoking Weed And Sports

Weed and athletes have a love and hate relationship. Some athletes swear by the recovery and mental benefits that it provides after a long practice, while sports legislators and coaches want to avoid legal issues and make every bit of it disappear. Athletes around the country who play on the professional level are turning to read more »

Using Medical Cannabis

Gone are the days of constant arrests, negative stigma, and acceptance of using marijuana. Today, our society has moved leaps and bounds in terms of accepting medical cannabis to help with pain symptoms, anxiety issues, cancer related problems, and even treat opioid addictions. The cannabis plant has been studied more than ever in the past read more »

All You Need To Know About Drugs

At this day and age drugs are almost anywhere to be found. Go to college parties or even the most high class clubs and you will still see someone taking a drug like ecstasy, “weed”, or “molly”. They’re being rapped about in songs, joked about in classes, and mentioned in memes to grab the attention read more »

Recreational Marijuana

As more and more states make the switch to legalizing marijuana, the number of happy frequent marijuana consumers is also growing. The controversial debate over whether federal marijuana legalization should happen or not has been drastically altering the political landscape of our country in the past few years. Apart from the generational divide that separates read more »