Veterinary Compounding For Pet’s Health

Keeping your pet happy and healthy is always at the top of the priority list. Our furry friends are our source of joy and comfort after dealing with the stress of everyday life. In order to maintain top health, it’s important to make sure that they are at a healthy weight, gain daily exercise outdoors of weather permits, are fed nutritional meals, and bathed routinely to prevent any onset of sickness. Sometimes, even with these best practices our pets can fall ill and need support from medications that are custom to their needs to regain their health.

The majority of medications that are offered from the veterinary hospital are not processed to fit every pet’s needs. Just like people, dogs and cats especially come in hundreds of different breeds, sizes, and ages and need various forms of medication to combat their sickness. Instead of forcing a medication that might end up spit out on the floor, experts recommend pet owners to seek a local compounding pharmacy to help their pets. These centers are all accredited and run by “medical alchemists” who can change the form of the medication into liquids, chewable tablets, or powders that taste like your pet’s everyday treats. Since most pets are stubborn to foreign substances, ensuring that a new medication is as inviting as possible is key. Let’s review the benefits of utilizing compounding pharmacy services so your pet can get back to their full health.

Compounding helps pets gain medicine they need.

Custom Sickness Solutions

Compounding pharmacies are not a new concept, they have existed for years to assist pets with medications that are difficult to use at first. The benefits that are brought by compounding pharmacies include:

  • Receiving custom consultations after recommendation from your chosen veterinarian. No plan from a compounding pharmacy is cookie cutter. Nearly every pet center in the country affiliated with a compounding pharmacy that they know well and trust to refer to patients who need urgent care. Check out the source of your pet’s medication and discuss your pet’s preferences so the pharmacy knows what options to prepare when you discuss the next steps at their facility. Make sure you are aware of their financial policy especially if you have pet insurance and may need assistance. It’s okay to ask for certain brands versus unbranded medicine, and vice versa. You will learn about what forms and ingredients are necessary for your pet and will have options to include it in your customized dosages.
  • You receive more options with your medicine and know exactly how to administer it to your pet. Some medications need to be taken by pill or liquid form, and with a pharmacy you receive careful instructions and tips on how to provide each dose. No client is left feeling like they have to figure out the rules of administering medication to their pet by themselves as compounding pharmacies provide help for every step of the way. If you find that the pet medication you receive is not working, you have the flexibility to go back to your provider and request for a different flavor or form for better success. There are no hidden fees or catches that could penalize you for using a medication that originally did not perform as well as the pharmacy promised.
  • Compounded medications are easy to be mixed with treats and food. Pets are knowingly stubborn and energetic around their owners. They are also highly intelligent and may find ways to avoid taking medication if they are fed by hand, in a bowl, or by water. Using the process of compounding, an owner can mix their pet medication with another easily digestible substance like placing it within a treat, in the middle of their kibble, or crushed up with a flavorful juice if need. This helps mask the obvious medication and helps a dog, cat or other pet to have more incentive to consume it.
  • Compounding pharmacies can work with pets with pre-existing health concerns or medication allergies. Just because your dog or cat has an arthritis issue or is deathly allergic to nuts doesn’t mean that a medication is ruled out of their options. Vets work with pharmacy locations to ensure that any health issues are noted of. The pharmacy can then use that knowledge to avoid inserting specific ingredients and use alternatives that still treat your pet without risk of adverse side effects. Make sure to bring up these concerns again when having your first consultation with a local compounding pharmacy for best practice. Don’t be afraid to speak up and list your concerns since you will know best about what your pet experiences at home!

Protect Your Loved Ones

If you are living in a rural community with limited options, contacting a digital pharmaceutical service will be a great alternative to getting help for a pet medication. These online resources are just as impactful and are run by highly trained pharmaceutical experts who specialize in treating pet sicknesses. The only difference is that you will likely need to contact the provider you’re matched by using online video calls and submitting thorough information about your pet’s issue. Be sure to tell your vet if the financial cost of a pet medication is a concern, especially if you are a student or are experiencing instability currently. They can always refer you to programs for discounts or provide alternatives if you feel that the decision is not in your financial territory. Since you want the best for your pet, ask as many questions as you can and ask those who have pets about trusted resources. It’s better to be safe than sorry and taking action as soon as possible will get your pet on the road to recovery!

Get in touch with a local compounding pharmacy for help.

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