Phoenix Auto Events

For anyone who adores driving cars, learning about new and vintage models, and meeting other people who love cars cities like Phoenix is the place to be. Phoenix auto events are all the rage for major car fans who want to attend shows and even join car organizations that meet on a regular basis. Although street racing is no longer allowed in the area, used car auctions and tourist car events are spiking in popularity.

In order to protect yourself from any trouble with car fans or organizations that are encouraging street racing, get educated on the current laws and best practices for being out on the road. It’s better to be safe than sorry when you’re driving the car of your dreams in one of the most beautiful places in the country! Let’s walk through key points to remember the next time you attend a Phoenix auto event or racing get up.

Street racing is big in states like Arizona.

Street Racing In Arizona

Racing to most people look like the crazy car chases and explosions seen on mega film franchises like the Fast and The Furious or in popular events like the Indy 500. Thousands of people come together to watch professionals race each other on the tracks in hopes to win a title, prize money, and the reputation of being an all time winner. Car chasing could be considered street racing, but dramatic driving isn’t the only reason people can get pulled over. As for street racing in Arizona, a huge crowd gathering or driving at top speeds are only a few of the red flags that cops are taught to look out for. Important things to remember about racing, especially in cities like Phoenix include:

  • In the state of Arizona, street racing is designated as a person driving in any manner to intentionally race another person or group, compete with extremely high speed, test physical endurance of their vehicle, or make a statement in a public street or highway. This means that if a cop finds you speeding any person in any public area with a vehicle, especially when in competition they will fine you a hefty ticket. There’s a grey line which cars may be the ones actually engaging in racing if many drivers are nearby, but often cops can spot the differences. Even if a cop sees you drive or accelerate quickly by yourself, you could still get fined a ticket for racing. In that case of driving independently, you’ll likely get fined for an exhibition of speed instead of street racing another person.. Either ticket won’t be fun to pay off and may result in a temporary loss of your license
  • Street driving comes with a laundry list of consequences if the driver has proof by the local authorities of breaking the law. Since engaging in street racing on any public road is considered a class 1 misdemeanor, drivers could face at least a $250 fine to pay in full. They may also be issued to complete at least ten to fifteen hours of community service, lose their driving license for up to ninety days, and have a marked driving record above all. With the initial strike, if a driver is found guilty of a second offense they may face up to $500 in fines and even more community service to complete on behalf of the state.
  • The key to remember is that any second offense of street racing within two years will be designated as a class 6 felony.  This means that they will have to show up in court and work against possible charges of probation, suspension of sentence or release on any other basis until the person has served a minimum of ten days in jail or prison. By the third offense, a person who’s completed all of their service, fines, and prison time may be sentenced up to six years at maximum. With those strict consequences enforced it’s clear that most states in the country are highly against speeding on the roadways and putting nearby pedestrians in danger.
  • If you’re ever found guilty of street racing in the state of Arizona, know your personal rights and defenses to use in court. You can testify with enough video or photographic evidence if camera were nearby, state that your Miranda rights were not stated correctly by the police, or state that you were actually fleeing a scene of racing yourself. The last situation is often used by innocent individuals who were charged for street racing, but it’s still critical to have enough evidence on your side to win the case. If needed, consider hiring a lawyer who specializes in traffic laws as well so they can provide support that’s customized for your situation.

Phoenix Street Racing In The Future

No one knows how cars in the country will continue to evolve and encourage avid street racing individuals to take them out for a test. Technology and laws that surround driving are constantly changing each year in every state, so it’s important to stay on top of these decisions if you’re frequently on the road. The best way to stay safe in Phoenix auto events and street racing situations is to take yourself out of he situation entirely. Engage in events that are legal, encourage genuine bonding and showmanship, and don’t put others in danger. Overall, you want to enjoy your passion of car modeling and performance without suffering from any legal consequences that can arise later. There’s a variety of organizations in Phoenix that allow people who enjoy cars to meet for food, golf outings, shows, and a multitude of experiences to engage in great conversation. Better yet, they don’t have to worry about getting a hefty ticket!

Pheonix auto events are all the rage, but stay safe!




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