Smoking Weed And Sports

Weed and athletes have a love and hate relationship. Some athletes swear by the recovery and mental benefits that it provides after a long practice, while sports legislators and coaches want to avoid legal issues and make every bit of it disappear. Athletes around the country who play on the professional level are turning to weed in the states it’s legal for enhanced performance. Household names like Michael Phelps, Conor McGregor, and J.R. Smith are all players who have smoked weed during their professional sports career. At the same time, athletes playing at the college level are routinely getting cut from teams and getting into trouble for smoking weed behind closed doors. They’re told that smoking is against the rules and must be avoided at all costs. The mixed consequences of different athletes makes weed a controversial and confusing topic for everyone involved. Since we all have different opinions on weed and might have come across different people using it, let’s look at the positive and negative effects of the drug.

Sports and weed may not always mix well.

Marijuana Effects On Athletic Performance

There are many pros and cons to smoking weed and playing sports. Before taking a drug like weed, it’s important to assess your personal health and make an educated decision. Don’t just smoke weed because everyone else on the team is doing the same.

  • For some people, smoking weed is a weekend vice that is done at parties or with friends at home. For others, weed is part of their daily morning or evening routine to calm the mind and gain mental clarity. Some health benefits that come with smoking weed are alleviated cramps for women, less muscle aches, improved headaches, less situations of insomnia, and less fatigue overall. Some use CBD as an integral part of the self-care regimen. While the drug is known as a “depressant”, its effect actually is said to make people feel more happy and inquisitive during their high. This is why many athletes in intense sports like football or baseball preach about the pain decreasing benefits weed gives off.
  • Smoking weed and sports may not mix, but athletes need to find a way to get away from the stress. THC holds properties that significantly decrease stressors in our mind. The clarity and intense focus that athletes can get from weed helps them unwind from bad games or harsh criticism from their coaches. Hours of practice on the court or field brings high levels of stress and anxiety that can build up over time. Unalleviated stress causes just as many issues like a normal sickness, so some turn to weed to feel more at ease. A lot of athletes who smoke say that they have less cases of insomnia, have less feelings of worry, and aren’t as anxious about their upcoming displays of performance. Many athletes are the most candid about this property of THC above all to those who don’t agree.
  • Unlike drugs like alcohol, marijuana is linked to users having significantly less cases of injuries and deaths. It’s actually much safer for an athlete to smoke weed during the evening than to drink a couple shots of alcohol and go out. Alcohol is processed by the body much more quickly and can cause a person to do a chain of unwise things of they drank too much. They may also easily suffer from a hangover or overdose if they really don’t know their limits. While driving under the influence of both drugs isn’t safe, most people who smoke weed aren’t as motivated to go out and party. Instead, they usually like to relax and stay where they are with friends so they can experience their high to the fullest.
  • Smoking weed helps athletes access their creativity sides over other drugs.Major artists and performers who use THC often claim they are inspired to produce their best work while under the influence. Many of our favorite hit songs and artwork have been made by someone who was under the influence of weed or another type of drug that boosted the mind. On the other hand, some athletes who smoke often end up not being able to do anything productive at all. A few hours can easily go by under a high that only feel like a couple minutes to the user. There’s obviously a fine line between an appropriate dose of weed and taking way too much to function. Make sure you know what your limit is if you’re considering smoking weed, especially if you’re an athlete who has to juggle multiple responsibilities.

Marijuana And Athletes In The Future

No one knows how deregulated weed will be in the next few years, but as for now the sports industry is still highly wary of the drug. A lot of professional athletes have had their medals, trophies, and team spots taken away after failing drug tests from their habit of smoking weed. If you’re a high school or college athlete who’s playing activity or thinking about going professional, be very careful. Even though cannabis might be the right alternative medicine for your recovery, the rules in place for your sport could be ruthless.

Regardless of what the NFL or NBA says about smoking weed and athletic performance, many of our favorite athletes will continue to preach about its benefits on their body, mind, and spirit. Nate Diaz in the Golden State Warriors said he smoked before some of his best games to stay in touch with his body and focused in the mind. Michael Phelps smoked weed before his record breaking Olympics in Beijing to take the edge off and gain clarity on his strategy. No matter what, we will have to sit on the sidelines and watch the game between the industry and successful weed advocates play out.

Medical cannabis is all the rave for treatment.

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