Monthly Archives: May 2019

Phoenix Auto Events

For anyone who adores driving cars, learning about new and vintage models, and meeting other people who love cars cities like Phoenix is the place to be. Phoenix auto events are all the rage for major car fans who want to attend shows and even join car organizations that meet on a regular basis. Although read more »

What is naturopathic medicine?

Are you sick of going to the doctor, waiting in line, and being prescribed a cookie cutter pill? The way we address treatment for disorders is changing as the cost of healthcare is skyrocketing every year. While not everyone is familiar with the idea of using naturopathic medicine for long term healing, most wish that read more »

Smoking Weed And Sports

Weed and athletes have a love and hate relationship. Some athletes swear by the recovery and mental benefits that it provides after a long practice, while sports legislators and coaches want to avoid legal issues and make every bit of it disappear. Athletes around the country who play on the professional level are turning to read more »

5 Features of Emerging Adulthood

What exactly is emerging adulthood? For most teenagers and young people, the ages eighteen to thirty are considered an important period of constant transition. Older teens begin an evolution from the dependency of adolescence with their parents to juggling all the responsibilities and that come with going through young adulthood. A significant number of people read more »

Adolescent Detox

Teenagers are going through a lot these days and often don’t have someone to turn to when they need to vent. Their friends may be going through the same issues, not provide emotional support, or act judgmental. Their family may not be able to relate to their struggles or could be the source of any read more »