Improve Your Tennis Skills

A lot of people want to play tennis, but not many are as good as they would like to be.  It’s my favorite sport and I love the rush that every match gives me when I play. The best players in the world seem like they have a secret trick up their sleeve to win every match and claim victory every time. The truth is that the key to getting good skills in tennis is by practicing consistently for hours every single week. It’s best to treat it like your skills like a muscle that must be trained everyday to stay acute and strong. Although I’m nowhere near being a professional, I have a few tips that helps any beginner sharpen their skills and start winning more matches.

Improve your tennis skills with enough practice!

The Keys To Success  

  1. Start with a health mindset. Going into a match or even a practice session with a stressed mind will only work against you. The key is to stay highly focused and sharp as you play, while moving past upsets that can hurt your performance. We all make mistakes and can get easily upset, so the sooner you can move past the small errors and emotions the better you can improve and adapt to who you are up against. Most importantly, keep an open mind while you practice everyday (if you can) and always be willing to take constructive criticism. Tennis isn’t a sport that is easily picked up, so  routinely ask for feedback from your mentor or friend if they are well above your level. This will help you sharpen your skills and improve over time instead of believing you’re better than you really are and being prone to making the same mistakes.
  2. Bend your knees. The process of improving in tennis is based on the proper mindset, hard work, and correct instruction. You need the right technique after you conquer your mind so you can play the best you can. Bending your knees provides increased balance in your body because your center of gravity is lower. This will allow you to have more control over the ball, recover more quickly, and put your body in a better position to rotate easier with power. It will make sure that your strings align with the  path of the ball longer and make better contact overall. Keep up your practice and have this in the back of your mind.
  3. Keep your eyes sharp. Keep your eyes on the ball at all times when you make contact. This may seem obvious, but many players are don’t know how long they should do this and end up misjudging where the ball lands on their end of the court. It helps you better plan your movement and increases your likelihood of making solid contact during practice and in the match. If you routinely train with a coach, ask them to help you do more drills that focus on this skill if you feel like you are weak in it.
  4. Point towards the ball. Not like you’re angry with it, but with your non-dominant hand. This is essential for beginners to master, so try reaching as high as possible with your non-dominant arm when you start an overhead shot. After you point at the ball, keep your arm up until a few seconds before making contact with the ball. As you prepare for your strokes, make sure to also lay your wrist back so the strings can align and hit the ball much sooner. Overall, this skill will help prevent you from dropping your head or shoulder too soon and create better contact.
  5. Practice your footwork.  Footwork is key when learning how to improve in tennis and especially winning as many matches as you can. Practicing quick paced drills in footwork will fundamentally change your movement to be more quick and efficient over a long period of time.  One particular way to improve is to take a small jump with both feet at the exact point in time that you hear the sound of your opponent’s racket hitting the ball. By taking this jump, you’ll be ready able to spring toward the fast coming ball much more quickly than if you standing flat or worse, completely still. After consistence practice you’ll start to get the hang of this and feel what works best for your body.
Consistency is key for tennis.

Consistency Is Key 

No one is born an overnight success, so make sure you practice as often as you can. The best players in the world have started from an early age and practiced for several hours everyday to get to their current level of performance. Enjoy the process and focus on improvement rather than winning. Good luck!


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