Monthly Archives: February 2019

Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorder treatment, binge eating disorder, and nutritional deficiencies are prevalent problems among our youth right now. It can be incredibly easy for someone to cover up their signs of an eating disorder, especially with the aesthetically focused culture we have today. Luckily, in the past few years the floor has opened up much more read more »

Workplace Addiction

In any type of case, being around a high-stress work environment can cause signs of poor mental health, worse off physical health, and a lower sense of control over time. Work-life balance is incredibly important for both the employer and the workers themselves. The key to having a confident, efficient, and motivated workforce is to read more »

Have A Healthy Microbiome

Maintaining a healthy microbiome can be hard to do, but the key is to make small but lasting changes in your diet and lifestyle over time. Anyone can go from having a fast food filled day to one that includes nutritious meals and keeps energy levels at an all-time high. While we can’t be perfect read more »

Club Drugs

Club drugs can be great for some to experience but creates risks for all people involved. For some people there is nothing better than enjoying a live concert or party while on drugs like molly, MDMA, marijuana, and cocaine. The music industry is celebrating using drugs in many cases and so are celebrities around the read more »

Improve Your Tennis Skills

A lot of people want to play tennis, but not many are as good as they would like to be.  It’s my favorite sport and I love the rush that every match gives me when I play. The best players in the world seem like they have a secret trick up their sleeve to win read more »