Mental Health in Phoenix

Our generation is suffering from issues like depression and  more than ever before. It’s hard to cope when we live a world that is glued to our cell phones, constantly following Instagram updates, and looking forward to hustling our energy away without focusing on maintaining a health balance. Sometimes too much can be thrown our way and we allow our diet, levels of movement, mental thoughts, and quality of sleep slacks so we don’t fall short. As a result, many people are reporting poor mental health and don’t know where to turn. Some hear that medication will heal their pain, but all those pills bring a hefty amount of side effects as well.

The good news is that that following holistic health methods like exercise therapy is a great way to get out the door and naturally improve your mental state. Research has found that exercising has a direct link to improved mood levels, higher energy, and better productivity in people of all ages. Exercise also doesn’t discriminate, since there’s an activity out there for anyone who is interested in getting start to living an active lifestyle. Living in areas like Phoenix provides great opportunities to workout and do it for free if you research what activities are around you. Let’s walk through some great ways to get in exercise therapy without feeling like you’re breaking the bank!

Exercise therapy is great for anxiety!

Exercise Therapy In Action

Exercise therapy has been around for years and is a great mental health treatment form for anyone who wants to improve their energy levels, sense of self confidence, amount of discipline, and physical physique overall. Nearly everyone who commits to some form of exercise feels better than ever and definitely more productive than spending hours watching Game of Thrones on the coach. In fact, regular exercise helps increase blood flow to our brains and releases hormones to make us feel a natural sense of joy. There are a countless number of studies that link the habit of consistent exercise to lower levels of stress, better sleep, higher self confidence, a lower level of body fat, and better mental health overall. There’s no excuse to throw in the towel after you know what the possibilities are.

In order to start an exercise therapy program, it’s essential to contact  a professional in your area who can help form a plan with you to get you mind and body into shape. Not everyone will have the same health goals and fitness levels, so be sure to not compare yourself to anyone else’s start. We all have different bodies and therapy certainly isn’t a one size fits all program. Once you are in contact with an exercise therapy expert, you can then target a set location for each day that you will be working out. Some people will want to hit the weights rack and sweat in the gym while others will enjoy jogging on the beach. Take into account what your local community offers and what the climate is like throughout the year. People living in state like Arizona will have many free activities to do better their mental health in Phoenix, will others in Illinois will have a wide variety of health clubs to visit in Chicago. Work with what you have and don’t feel resentful towards others who seem ahead of you. The most important thing is to just get started!

Sticking With Exercise Therapy

Even if someone wants to start a mental health treatment program like exercise therapy, there’s no doubt that they will run into days when they feel like they’re falling behind and are not seeing any progress. Remember that everyone has down days and just feeling more tired or less motivated during a session isn’t a sign of failure. In fact, it’s completely normal. We’re all human and we are prone to getting tired of routines. This is a sign that your body is feeling the grit of your new habits and are growing accustomed to what you’re exerting your energy on. Turn your negative thoughts into positive ones by reminding yourself that you are constantly growing, you are at a better state than the day before, and you’ll come out stronger if you keep going. Just fueling your brain with positivity can make such a difference when your feelings of encourage are a bit lackluster.

To see changes in your body, it’s also important to note that exercise must be compliment with ample sleep and a nutrition based diet. Eating ample junk food and working out for two hours straight won’t do anyone any good. Keep up a 80/20 rule by eating mostly organic and protein rich foods that will fuel your body to push through the day. There’s many free food plans out there that can assist you with forming meals that do the job. The remaining 20% of that balance can be saved for the treats you crave so you can stay on top of your game.

Following Mental Health Treatment

By following a set schedule of exercise therapy, you will be able to grow out of any mental health issue that is blocking you from living your life. With enough time and effort to forming an enjoyable program, you will see the changes happen right before your eyes. Don’t wait until later to start working out if getting out of your mental rut is already on your mind. There’s no right time to start anything, so the sooner the better. If you need any extra encouragement to start, join online health communities who are dedicated to helping people with their exercising, join a new gym, and invite a friend who may be interested in doing the same thing. You never know what’s possible if you don’t just go out and try!





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