Sex Addiction

Sometimes the best of us can fall under compulsive behavior that lead us down the path of addiction, broken relationships, and a ruined sense of self. Let’s talk about things that we all like to do as humans. We all know that eating is enjoyable, sleeping is nurturing, and having sex is pleasurable. Yet if we do any one of those things too much that fulfillment can flip back with negative consequences. Influential figures in the music industry, government, and even corporate America have suffered from issues like sex addiction and didn’t take action until their friends, family, or the media caught on to their tactics.

People who have a behavior addiction to things like eating, sleeping, or having sex suffer from some telltale symptoms that are important to know. Even if you don’t want anyone to find out about a possible addiction you might have, it’s crucial to recognize you have a problem. No one will know what’s going on in your head if you don’t reach out and explain what your situation is. Let’s walk through some key signs of sex addiction so you can get the help you need before it becomes too late.

Sex addiction can be hard to treat and spot.

Signs of Sex Addiction

It should be totally normal for you to want to have sex or experience it with someone you care about. We’re human, and it’s in our program to feel that sense of pleasure. Yet, if you fear getting your search history unravel or caught watching some videos that probably shouldn’t be on your browser, you may have a sex addiction to address. It’s not easy at all to come to terms with having one, but the sooner the better so you can start making lifestyle changes.

Some key red flags of having a sex addiction include:

  • You’re living a double life. People who need sex addiction recovery will be relaying a series of lies to those around them so they can get the sense of urgent pleasure they need. Maybe someone just cheats on their spouse because they can’t help it, or are too addicted to commit to one person in the first place. Some signs of a sex addiction might include seeing multiple people in a short amount of time, and doing so consistently. You know where the line for yourself is and when you might be going a bit overboard. Either way, putting someone else’s sanity and feelings at target for your sex addiction is a huge alert that you have compulsive behavior to deal with.
  • If you’re someone who is completely drawn to sex, you won’t feel a sense of productivity or urgency when you’re at work, school, or at home. Your thoughts will be clouded by sex and won’t be clear at all during the day as you cater to your responsibilities. Maybe you’re looking up porn behind your desk or are flirting with the cute staff so you have your way. Everything during the day revolves around your priority to fulfil your sexual needs. This is dangerous if you are in a demanding career, are in a committed relationship, or are a father or mother to family who needs your support.
  • You’re fantasizing way too much. Everyone has floating thoughts and dreams during the day, but someone who isn’t suffering from compulsive behavior will know when to snap back into action. Someone with a sex addiction might to be able to last for more than five or ten minutes without thinking about sex. And while you might say that could be a “guy’s” thing, there are thousands of guys who can control themselves and there’s also many girls suffer from the same problem. Know what your thoughts are and understand that they lead to positive or negative actions.
  • You’re helping yourself out too many times during the day. If you only get help yourself get off once a day, all praise to you. If you do it once a week, that’s fine too. Everyone is different. Do what you have to do to stay sane and happy with your sex life. But if you’re someone who needs to get down there several times a day to the point where it’s interrupting your daily schedule, you definitely have a sex addiction. Bigger issues are at play here and need to be addressed when you can’t prioritize over sex.
  • You start to dislike yourself for your habits. No one who is extremely addicted or has a compulsive behavior towards sex will feel completely proud about themselves. If you tell someone about your problem, you might fear being rejected and turned away for being out of control. You will know the difference deep down between spur of the moment feelings or a gravitational dependence on a physical feeling. Maybe you’re insecure and are constantly craving attention, or find that sex helps bring the stressful edge off of the day. Either way, sex should never be used as a crutch or a magical way to feel better.

Getting Sexual Addiction Treatment 

If you feel like any of the symptoms above resonated with you or someone you know, there’s no reason to be ashamed. We all have flaws in different areas and are in control of improving our situation. If you want to get help for a possible addiction, it’s essential to talk to a local counselor in your area who specializes in dealing with compulsive behavior. Even if you have reason to rationalize or justify your sex addiction, it doesn’t hurt to talk to someone who can give insight into your dependence on sex overall. You never know how you can improve your mindset and lifestyle if you don’t look into the root of the problems existing in it.

Make sure you spot the signs of sex addiction.

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