Using Medical Cannabis

Gone are the days of constant arrests, negative stigma, and acceptance of using marijuana. Today, our society has moved leaps and bounds in terms of accepting medical cannabis to help with pain symptoms, anxiety issues, cancer related problems, and even treat opioid addictions.

The cannabis plant has been studied more than ever in the past few years by researchers who want to confirm its makeup. Yet, despite all of the evidence that shows that addiction patients in particular could gain significant help from medical cannabis, most of our politicians are completely against its use. They could either have very conservative ideals, fear about its regulation, or are still requiring a higher amount of scientific studies for them to justify such a large decision. As the “controlled substance” gains more popularity and will continue to in the next few years, it’s important to understand what the positives and negatives are.

Medical cannabis is all the rave for treatment.

Using Medically Assisted Treatment 

Medical cannabis has proven itself on many instances to aid the constant pain, stress, and overall discomfort that come with dealing with problems like opioid addiction. If you’ve been interested to know more about using the drug and how it could help an addiction, considering the following:

  • Medical cannabis can be taken by many forms for someone who wants to get over their opioid addiction. Someone can either smoke the drug, inhale the drug through a vaporizer, eat it in an edible like a brownie, apply to their skin through oil or cream form, or ingest it directly. A patient can decide what route will work best for their needs and lifestyle, but keep in mind that each will work slightly different on the body. Smoking or vaporizing medical cannabis allows a patient to feel its effects right away while eating the drug with food will take a much longer time.
  • Medical cannabis is linked to a significant drop in opioid overdose rates according the recent rehab studies with people reporting addiction. While the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey recently approved controlled distribution of the drug in their rehab centers, many states are still skeptical and don’t want to deal with potential risks. Yet, patients all report feeling much less pain after using medical cannabis for a consistent time and can more easily deal with the anxiety that withdrawal effects tend to bring.
  • Our society is much more accepting of someone using medical cannabis than ever before. If you took a poll of people in country on whether or not using medical cannabis brought on a negative stigma, many might agree. Since 2010, the rates of acceptance towards the drug have been steadily climbing as more states are giving it a green light. Younger adults, popular celebrities and musicians who are responsibly using medical cannabis are also key factors in helping our society move towards a more liberal point of view. In fact, even many key players in the fitness industry are boasting about the effects of medical cannabis or CBD, a close relative of the drug which provides the same medical benefits without the high.
  • Medical cannabis may not work for everyone even if its benefits are scientifically proven. People may tell stories about how their issues magically went away, but that doesn’t mean that you will have the exact same experience since all of our bodies our different. If you are a person who is extremely sensitive towards substances, it may be safer to start with a dosage that is much smaller than normal or abstain from using the drug at all. If you are at risk from other illnesses or are currently pregnant, it’s best to also stay away from using medical cannabis so no complications are caused. You don’t want to wake up one day and realize that your treatment method was a huge mistake. Make sure you consult your healthcare provider before making a big decisions like taking medical cannabis on a regular basis.
  • Medical cannabis is still not completely cleared by the FDA and people out there may try to sell you synthetic versions of the drug for a discounted price. Make sure that any detox center you are at is accredited and can prove that their strains are completely pure. Synthetic drugs are very common in the industry and can scam thousands of people who usually make smart decisions for their health or money. Do your research on how to track signs of having synthetic drug before you start to put it into your body. It’s better to be safe than sorry!
  • Medical cannabis has to be provided under a detox center’s note, not a doctor prescription. Doctors can only provide a recommendation since they aren’t legally able to provide their own prescription yet. You don’t want to use another person’s strain of medical cannabis either if they have a similar problem to you either! Using anything meant for the health of another carries a long list of health and legal risks.

Alternative Health For You

Maybe you want to seek an alternative health method for your opioid addiction or know someone who could benefit from it. Make sure that you gather as much information as possible on using medical cannabis for your treatment process, especially if you are someone who may be at risk for complications or a weakened immune system. Treatment is never a one size fits all matter so it’s best to consult your doctor than seeking out the opinions of your friends have used medical cannabis before. When you are with your doctor, mention that you want the medical benefits it provides to calm down pain, manage anxiety, and help sleep patterns. Don’t worry about coming across as someone who is obsessed with marijuana or is just feeding into the trend. Medical cannabis is still highly unregulated but has shown proven effects for people who are in need. He or she can then decide if you are in the right place to get access to medical cannabis or not. From there, you may also want to talk to a cannabis-assisted detox specialist who specializes with patients who deal with opioid addiction.

Drug addictions can be helped with medical cannabis.


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