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Mental Health in Phoenix

Our generation is suffering from issues like depression and  more than ever before. It’s hard to cope when we live a world that is glued to our cell phones, constantly following Instagram updates, and looking forward to hustling our energy away without focusing on maintaining a health balance. Sometimes too much can be thrown our read more »

Sex Addiction

Sometimes the best of us can fall under compulsive behavior that lead us down the path of addiction, broken relationships, and a ruined sense of self. Let’s talk about things that we all like to do as humans. We all know that eating is enjoyable, sleeping is nurturing, and having sex is pleasurable. Yet if read more »

Commercial Property Manager

If you are looking to get into the game of commercial real estate, hiring the right people and making sold connection are essential for long term success. Too often investors who are new to property development buy into terrible decisions, get maxed out on hidden fees, or realize that they can’t resell their real estate read more »

Combating Addiction in San Francisco

The opioid addiction epidemic has been skyrocketing in nearly every community in our country in the past decade. With more access to drugs and synthetics that are even more legal than the actual drug itself, more people are being put in danger to its side effects and face the risk of overdose. Even if someone read more »

Having A Recovery Companion

When someone needs proper recovery from an addiction problem, having a strong support system and a lending ear is the most important. Addiction can be isolating, scary, and stressful. Having a support group who can help you network is key since relapse rates are supposed to range from forty to sixty percent of all people who read more »

Rapid Opioid Detox

At this point in time, the United States has been suffering from an opioid epidemic that’s impacting the wellbeing of nearly every community. Most of know have heard of somehow or know someone personally is going through long term drug abuse. In fact, it’s estimated that over 115 people pass away from opioid overdose in read more »

Art Therapy For Children

As a parent or a sibling of a young child, we want to do everything in our power to make sure that they are safe and sound. If a child happens to fall ill or becomes prone to a disorder or a discomfort, we will desperately search for the right remedies and answers to shield read more »

Commercial Real Estate

Ever wanted to know more about owning commercial land and property development? The idea of owning a piece of land that has the potential to provide years of passive income and financial freedom makes commercial real estate a hot commodity. Everyone wants to know how they can acquire a great real estate investment, grow their read more »

Using Medical Cannabis

Gone are the days of constant arrests, negative stigma, and acceptance of using marijuana. Today, our society has moved leaps and bounds in terms of accepting medical cannabis to help with pain symptoms, anxiety issues, cancer related problems, and even treat opioid addictions. The cannabis plant has been studied more than ever in the past read more »

Car Salesmen Tricks

We all have a certain picture of what a shady car salesman is in our heads. Maybe they’re wearing a clean pin up suit, flaunt slicked back hair, and a smooth number of sales pitches to match. That reputation isn’t fair to place on every used car dealer though, since at the end of the read more »