Removing Your Environmental Toxins

Whether you live alone, with a partner, your kids, or even a pet, it’s very important to remove any toxic chemicals that are lurking within it. These pollutants can eventually lead to increased risks of serious health issues like cancer, allergies, and harm your mental health in the long run. Luckily, there’s a variety of easy switches you can do to protect you and your loved one’s health. Some tips maybe pieces of advice you’ve heard too many times, and others could be aspects of your home that you’ve totally overlooked. Either way, all we have is our health at the end of the day. It’s best to follow all the tips about holistic environmental medicine that I’m about to tell you to make sure you will feel your best after coming home.

Remove air pollutants in your home.

Protecting Your Physical And Mental Health 

Filter out the dirty tap water you are drinking. Believe it or not, millions of tiny particles of bacteria, toxic minerals, and other chemicals lurk in the water we drink from the sink. While the toxins can vary by location in the country, you might want to find out what is harming your body as soon as possible.  Make sure that the water you use to cook, clean, and shower with are not contaminated. This is easy to deal with as efficient water filters are available from almost every retail provider. Check out the options that are best for your space and make the switch. These filters are very inexpensive and only take a few minutes to attach to your water faucets. If you want to be extra careful, look into attaching a filter to your shower heads and kitchen sink so the locations you gain water from the most are covered. Over time, you might notice that your food tastes better, your hair and nails are less brittle, and your skin is less sensitive from less exposure to toxins your water. It’s crazy how much difference a small switch can bring!

Stop The Plastic

Although plastic is used for almost every type of product sold at the store, make sure you minimize using it for your food, water, and hygiene products as much as possible. Plastic release BPA, an environmental toxin that is especially worse for our bodies when under heat pressure. Every accidentally melted a plastic to go container or utensil in the microwave? You may have smelled a funky odor or felt your eyes water. These reactions are no joke, plastic can cause serious harm to our bodies.

If you don’t want long term exposure to its toxins, throw out your plastic water bottles and Tupperware if possible. Opt for using ceramic containers, reusable glass or aluminum bottles, and stop the ongoing purchases of plastic forks and spoons. I made the switch to using a glass water bottle a year ago and I love the way it makes my water taste. There are also so many varieties out that are fashionable, space efficient, and clasped tightly so no spills will happen. Not only are you reducing your carbon footprint with using less plastic, but you are saving physical havoc to your body in the future as well.

Pick Up Your Dust

We all don’t like dust, so why continue to live in it and allow it to grow? Make sure you’re wiping down your surfaces and cleaning your carpets every week to prevent harm from dust bunnies. Sofas, blankets, and even clothes sitting in the closet are leaching with dust. It’s gross to think about, but consider the harm it does to your immune system and respiratory health being exposed to those items every day. To immediately detox your environment, invest in a vacuum that has a HEPA filter so you’re not inhaling pollutants. These filters are great for not throwing the toxins from dust back out into the air like more traditional machines. Make sure you cover every corner in your house when you can because that’s where the most dust can accumulate. Also pay attention to overlooked areas like underneath tables, beds, and on the stairs where debris can build up. You will notice that your home smells better, looks better, and feels a lot cleaner overall!

Wash Your Hands

This is such an overrated tip, right? The reality is that doctors continue to harp about washing your hands because it is extremely important even today. Bacteria are still everywhere and just using hand sanitizer once a day won’t the job right. Everything we touch during the day at a class, at work, and in dirty store bathrooms are covered in filth. Don’t bring those toxins into your home environment and inside your body by using natural hand soap. If you don’t like how cracked or dry your hands feel from washing them a lot, use a soap that is infused with argan oil or vitamin E. These ingredients have great benefits for the texture and health of your skin so its moisture barrier won’t be tampered with. You will drastically decrease your risk for catching disease, ingesting bacteria, and will safeguard your home’s environment overall.

Take Control of Environmental Toxins

It’s great to know that we are in control of keeping our home safe from environmental toxins and healthy for our bodies. It’s a matter of putting in the time to clean up surfaces and removing chemicals that are unneeded. We don’t want to bring in unwanted air pollutants or bacteria that can bring harm to our physical health or mental health. With these tips, I hope you will feel more encouraged to keep your home clean for yourself, your family, and your friends. While we can’t decide what we are exactly exposed to while walking outside during the day, taking measures to make our home the best possible will definitely pay off in the long run!

Take care of your health by removing environment toxins.

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