All You Need To Know About Drugs

At this day and age drugs are almost anywhere to be found. Go to college parties or even the most high class clubs and you will still see someone taking a drug like ecstasy, “weed”, or “molly”. They’re being rapped about in songs, joked about in classes, and mentioned in memes to grab the attention of people all over the internet. Taken orally by capsule or a tablet, ecstasy in particular is taking the younger music crowd by storm. The EDM or electronic dance music scene is growing to be the biggest platform for users of ecstasy.

Every year, the summer season of EDM music festivals bring thousands of people together to rave and experience something life changing. As someone who went to Lollapalooza in the middle of July, these crowds can get crazy and uncontrollable no matter how good the music is. While EDM music itself has a significant thumping beat and gets a crowd jumping across the room, most people want to go for the nightclubs feel or see flashing lasers. EDM and ecstasy can easily become one at this time to gain a sense of euphoria and feel closer to their peers. But what are the costs?

Knowing about what the symptoms and risks are of this drug is crucial if you are ever caught in a similar situation. Let’s walk through the effects of ecstasy and taking drugs for entertainment in general.

Symptoms of a drug addict are damaging.
Symptoms of a drug addict are damaging.

Drug Culture

It’s no surprise that taking drugscan help some people feel closer to their peers, more risky, or more exciting. Someone may want to feel a sense of emotional closeness to their friend group or partner, escape their fears to some alternate reality, or are simply curious of what taking a drug feels like. Many types of drugs can feed these needs, and all are possible to satisfy by taking one like ecstasy. People can get the drug when they are inside a rave and can gain up to five hours of a pure “high” with just one dose. The downfall is that taking ecstasy drastically increasing the risk of sudden death from being greatly dehydrated and under the influence. People who are high on the drug will feel like that they have endless amounts of energy, but this is all a facade. Sweating abundantly and losing moisture leads to hyponatremia, which stems from drinking too much water to make up for dehydration and lacking electrolytes to absorb it.

Other dangerous side effect of taking the drug can include symptoms of confusion, severe anxiety, and sometimes depression weeks after taking a dose. Someone who is possibly overdosing will have trouble focusing, may look unconscious, or may have glazed over look in their eyes. For a person who takes ecstasy over a long period of time, they may suffer from psychotic episode, paranoia, and intense drug cravings that will undoubtedly affect their daily life. If you become too dependent on a drug like ecstasy the negative effects that come after the first few doses seem to snowball.

People get drawn to spending too much alone to accommodate their high, begin losing track of their responsibilities, for thousands of dollars into supporting their new hobby, and sometimes even get into legal trouble by being around the wrong types of people. Don’t be statistic and fall under the trap of taking a drug for the short term fun your friends are promising. There’s still hundreds of other ways to enjoy a concert and even a rave without putting your body through so much trauma.

The Drug Stigma

It might seem cool right now to take part in using drugs during a rave like Spring Awakening or Coachella, it definitely doesn’t look as cool when you find yourself battling damaging side effects. Someone who is heavily addicted to drugs will gain a lot more negative stigma than a person who decided that they didn’t want to take part. Knowing as much as you can about the effects of ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine, and other concert popular drugs is critical. If you’re a high school or college student, now is the time to know what the risks are so you are aware of what could go wrong. Although I have nothing against people who take part in those drugs, I definitely believe that doing so without monitoring the health of your body now and in the future is a poor choice.

Unfortunately, even if you are aware of the dangers, you might take or have already taken the substance thinking you’re invincible. This is a serious mistake because no one truly knows what will happen when they’re under the influence. Even the most talented and “well off” musicians have suffered sudden deaths on drugs this year because they thought they weren’t someone to fall victim to it. Think again and make sure you understand what you’re getting into. Is your life worth the couple hour high?

Moving Forward 

We all want to enjoy our life and be as present as possible for it. There’s many ways to have an amazing time at an event like a concert without putting your life in imminent danger. If you do want to take part in drugs for the social or experiment aspect of it, don’t’ hesitate to ask questions about it or do your research first. Some online resources like a drug glossaryare great to learn about the similarities and differences of all the drugs taken for recreational use. It also gives you a better idea of what drugs are more dangerous to play around with than others. Remember we only have one body at the end of the day, so be sure to take care of it!

Cure drug addiction with intervention and support.
Drug addiction can be hard, especially painkiller addiction.


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