Exterior Cleaning Tips

Ever struggled with keeping your car clean? Sometimes it feels like you spend so much money on it, you think that it should remain spotless for ages. Yet, after driving for just a few trips it already picks up enough grime to make you feel frustrated. Fortunately, it is never necessary to always visit an expensive shop to keep your car as clean as possible. Even the most reputable of chains are secretly ripping their customers off. Unless you are comfortable with spending a pretty nickel for the sake of your car, it never hurts to learn how to be frugal and savvy with your hard earned money. Following a variety of car cleaning hacks will get you on the road to knowing how to invest in your vehicle’s look without breaking the bank.Ca

The Truth Behind Commercial Car Washes

When done right, washing your car will keep the professional detailing on it looking incredible and prevent premature corrosion. However, if you do it wrong you can leave unwanted water marks on glass or accidentally strip off paint created specifically for your model. With that risk in mind, most people rather avoid any personal mistakes by taking their car to a commercial car wash. It seems like getting the wash and wax bundle leaves you with a great looking car and a heavier wallet. The reality is that given the extremely low cost of labor and cleaning supplies need to run the car wash, you’re actually being charged much more than you should be. So how do you get around this? The answer to avoiding the commercial car wash price is to clean your car yourself. Take a few hours to learn what car cleaning hacks you can use with supplies you can get from Autozone or even a chain like Walmart.

Protecting Your Car

The first step is to choosing the right soap to wash its professional detailings. Many people want to be cheap and use their dish or even laundry detergent since it’s formulated to cut through the toughest kinds of oil and grease. Your car is likely not going through the same conditions, so using the same formula will easily strip off its wax finishing and dull the shine of the paint it was manufactured with.

Instead, use a soap specially made for vehicles and use a tool that won’t cause fine scratches on the surface. Paring the soap with a soft microfiber towel will make your cleaning process much easier as well. Household towels that you commonly see in the kitchen or bathroom are made of cotton or polyester, which are materials that are much too abrasive to safely wipe on your car. In comparison, a microfiber drying towel is noticeably softer and more absorbent, which will protect your finish and even dry off excess water faster.

Another car cleaning hack is to never use a cleaning tool that fell on the ground. It might sound crazy, but why throw away something that works perfectly fine? The answer is that a even a brand new rag will pick up small rocks or other sediment from the ground that will damage your car’s surface. If you accidentally use a dropped towel, you might notice spiderweb like scratches on the paint and indentations on areas made of plastic. For this reason, always machine wash your tools if you happen to drop them and keep an extra supply of tools on hand to continue with your cleaning job. Being prepared for accidents is always in style!

In addition to using the right supplies, keep track of your environment while cleaning. Always make sure the water you are using to rinse the car is clean and filtered so it doesn’t leave residue on the surface. Some people want to save money by using already dirty water, but it defeats the whole purpose of getting rid of the built up spots or residue on your car. Using tap water from your kitchen is good enough if it’s fresh and stored in a clean bucket. Most car cleaning professionals will also advise you to avoid cleaning your car’s surface on a day that is hot and sunny. This gets tough in the summer when some areas of the world heat up to high temperatures nearly every day.

However, when the metal surface is extremely hot from the weather, any soap or cleaning agent can dry up before you get the chance to wipe the area it’s on. This residue can leave ugly stains and make your car almost worse looking than before. Park your car in the shade, inside with air condition, and always keep it drizzled with a light stream of water so nothing unwanted sticks to the paint!

Car Maintenance Long Term

Never wait too long to clean the outside of your car when you know residue is building up. Learning what car cleaning hacks are out there can give you peace of mind and prevent issues in the shop that cost much more. Even if you feel that your schedule is too busy, you can easily spare one to two hours every few weeks to check up on your car’s exterior and spot clean any trouble areas. Keeping up the habit of regular car maintenance will be much easier on your free time instead of waiting month for a small spot to snowball into several hours of deep cleaning. If you share the car with your partner or a family member, you can share the cleaning responsibility between one another so it’s not too much of a burden. Have each person switch off from wiping down the professional detailing so you both have an equal share of work.



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