Home Theater Systems

There is nothing better than being able to sit back and relax with your favorite movie or Netflix show in the comfort of your own home. Take out the overly priced popcorn, easy to spill drinks, and dirty chairs by having a home theater system installed. Investing in a quality theater with surround sound systems is a great way to bring entertainment closer to you. If you’ve already spent a lot of money or time setting up a great home theater system, you need to make sure you’re putting effort into the aspects that truly matter.

If you haven’t inspected the process of installing a surround sound system or a theater too carefully, you can easily make big mistakes. Many people overlook the finer details that can actually make a huge difference in the streaming of a film or the output of audio. Stay aware of these popular pitfalls to foolproof your next source of entertainment.

  • Your television or projector doesn’t fit. This is a mistake sometimes even the most enthusiastic of home theater system investors make when they begin building. Everyone wants to have a big screen of their own, as the average screen size purchased by consumers today is already 55-inch on average. However, having a TV that’s extremely large isn’t always the best for every room size. For HDTVs that are sized from 720p to 1080p, you will want to maintain a comfortable viewing distance that’s roughly twice the width of the television screen itself. If you are sitting too close to your screen in your home theater, you not only will damage your eyes, but you’ll see the pixels much more easily. Hurting your viewing experience is a priority so remember to measure the features of the room of your choice before buying your expensive equipment!
  • The room of your home theater system is too bright. Most TVs can do just fine in a semi-lit room, but you want to keep the environment as dark as possible. If you are using a video projector and a surround sound system that hooks up to it, having a brightly lit room will distract you from whatever you’re watching. In order to prevent your movie or show experience from becoming compensated, remember to never place your screen on a wall that is facing outside windows or another bright light. Make sure that any light can’t pass through curtains as well if they’re present in the room.
  • You bought the wrong speakers. Some people may spend a fortune on their audio components without giving enough thought to the quality of the equipment itself. Make sure you aren’t shelling out thousands of dollars on a surround sound system that doesn’t do your room any justice. Speakers are available in just about any size today as they range from small shower bots to huge devices that take up half a room. They also come in wire and wireless versionsfor more convenience. Take into account the size of your room before becoming loyal to a certain brand or aspect of speakers that look trendy in the moment. If you happen to have a medium to larger sized room, use a set of floor standing speakers as they offer a more thorough range of sound. On the flip side, if your space is more downsized, go for a series of bookshelf speakers that can offer great audio quality with the help of a subwoofer.
  • You skip the manuals. It feels like a drag to go over every user manual for your speaker, cable, or TV system right after you purchase them for your home theater system. You might think that you’re a hot shot and can form a surround sound system as well as your favorite IKEA set, but with high grade technology it’s better to know the facts for sure. No matter how simple the system you invested in looks, read the owner’s manual to know how to power the system, configure it with your remote control or computer, and connect it to the internet if you intend to use it for streaming. It’s in your favor that most TV brands today have their own manuals through a downloadable app, website, or folder that can be directly accessed with Wi-Fi connection. If you can’t seem to find one, you can always open up the little slip that came with the packing box or download the full instructions from the official product page.

Have A Plan

It may feel super exciting to start building your own home theater system, as the options for how it will turn out are almost endless. The aspect of the system’s design and features are all completely under your control. Yet, with that full control comes a lot of responsibility for doing plenty of research on what equipment will best fit your space needs. Also think about what accounts you may have already on sites like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, or another streaming service that you would like to use through your new equipment. Many new products today have a direct channel that goes to those services with the touch of a button. Make a plan for action and have fun!



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