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Process Addiction

Dealing with a behavioral addiction, gambling addiction, shopping addiction, or even a food addiction is extremely tough. You constantly want more but can’t satisfy your cravings. Over time, you will probably notice that you need to feed your addictive behavior even more than usual as your body builds up a tolerance to what you’re consuming. read more »

Home Theater Systems

There is nothing better than being able to sit back and relax with your favorite movie or Netflix show in the comfort of your own home. Take out the overly priced popcorn, easy to spill drinks, and dirty chairs by having a home theater system installed. Investing in a quality theater with surround sound systems read more »

The Dangers and Signs of Alcoholism

In the course of your life, you’ve probably watched someone you know experience a variety of the signs of alcoholism. They could brush it off like they don’t have a problem, blame you for being a bad influence, or tell you to go away so they can enjoy their margarita in peace. I know I’ve read more »

Drug Addiction Mistakes

We all want to be successful, especially when it comes to hosting an intervention that will drive actual change. Have you ever sat a friend or family member down to express your concerns, only to get an extremely angry or highly confused response? Many people make the mistake of holding a drug intervention that comes read more »

Addiction Quiz

Going through addiction is tough. Anyone, no matter what their gender is, ethnic background, job, or social environment can experience addiction at some point in their life. Symptoms of drug abuse or alcohol abuse are especially amplified when an addictive personality is in the mix. While engaging in activity that brings happiness isn’t wrong, the read more »

Scar Treatment

Scars are a part of life that we all have to deal with. Ever since we were playing around on the playground in preschool, we have accumulated our fair share of scars, a symbol of the funny accidents or courageous feats we experienced. While they’re all oddly colored and not that enjoyable to look at, read more »