Anxiety Symptoms in Men

Dealing with anxiety symptoms can bring on a lot of shame and guilt. The emotion is completely natural, yet when it comes to experiences of anxiety in men, suppressing feelings is the expectation from society. Almost every mainstream show and movie from at least a couple years portray super heroes, fighters, and bodybuilders as hunks who know only how to be strong and save the day. While this may hold true for some men to believe, the reality is that anxiety is completely okay to have. The solution to dealing with it is finding effective ways to manage the emotion, identify circumstances when it can come up, and lastly practice holistic hobbies that decrease stress in the body overall. With enough care and patience, anxiety can be subdued and the downpour of emotions can be offset more easily than ever before.

Anxiety in men can be addressed with support and effort.

Signs of Having Anxiety

There’s many telltale behaviors that signify hidden anxiety in men. Usually, admitting to anxiety is always pushed down by women and men who highly fear the gender norms, social stigma, and onset of clueless questions that it could bring on. Anxiety can become present as excessive worrying, but other signs aren’t as obvious and in your face. One of the most common signs of hidden anxiety in men is misusing alcohol, as it temporarily turns off the world in the mind of the drinker. Men might think that the drink of their choice is helping them avoid their anxiety, but really it’s preventing them from facing their need to improve their lifestyle. Another key sign is random bursts of anger, especially in men who may be more likely to experience this emotion more intensely. Anxiety can easily trigger the full range of anger in a person, and it won’t always be pretty. When their nerves are already being poked out by anxiety, it’s no surprise that any little sound, person, or comment that seems annoying can channel the nastiest words from a stressed out person.

When anxiety isn’t being treated, another long term symptom is experiencing depression. Anxiety in men is often made worse by the habit of avoidance, which in turn downplays the habit of being proactive to make a change. Originally healthy activities like meeting new people, working out, or just talking to family members on the phone can start to be avoided by a man feeling highly discouraged. In response, some men may try to control their anxiety by telling themselves to “act stronger” or be “more strict” with themselves. Yet, treating yourself this way is a slippery slope to negative thoughts and a dark outlook on life in general. With time, feeling extremely unable to turn anxiety around for the better effectively leaves many men feeling hopeless and distraught.

Yoga For Men

Anxiety doesn’t have to run your life, especially if you’re a guy who loves living a healthy and active lifestyle. There’s several ways to deal with anxiety by finding hobbies that calm the body, release pent of stress, and focus on practicing mindfulness. Many symptoms of anxiety can come about from stress that isn’t addressed over a long period of time. One method that many of my friends speak highly of is practicing yoga and meditation for at least ten minutes or so every day. The stigma that was once attached to men doing yoga is now gone, as it’s hugely popular these days with almost every culture in the world. In fact, practicing yoga and meditation is even used in world class treatment centers nationwide as a method of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction and other mental illness

For people who are aiming for a more fast-paced yoga session, power yoga is great as it focuses on strengthening the limbs and core. If you want to break a much more intense sweat, trying Bikram or hot yoga is great as it forces the body to literally release it’s toxins in a healthy manner. For people who want a more slow and easy introduction into yoga, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga is great as it concentrates on the mind-body connection throughout each session. With just a few weeks, you’ll be able to see the huge benefits that these movements bring like increased flexibility, higher athletic strength, and improved mental clarity for starters.

Although it isn’t completely easy to start, don’t fret if your body isn’t at its peak to do all the moves right. This isn’t the scary dance class you were required to take back in middle school. Progress within yoga is meant to be slow and consistent as it challenges you to improve the weakest areas first. Throughout each session, make sure you are breathing slow and deeply from the bottom of your stomach. This not only provides your body with more oxygen to do the movements better, but your cortisol levels will lowered. This hormone is connected to the amount of fat your body holds as well as feelings of stress you may experience as well.

Be Proactive

Your present problems with anxiety and substance abuse can be changed, as nothing is ever permanent in life. If you want to be successful and aren’t happy with the way things are right now, you’ve got to remember that you are ultimately in control. Your thoughts breeds habits, and those habits breed a lifestyle that shapes the course of your future years to come. It is definitely worrisome and stressful to be human, but it is also a great privilege to be figure out this thing called life. No matter how your anxiety is affecting you right now, take the first step to each out. Find what exercises can lower your stress as well as the people who can lift you up no matter what!


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