Tips For Daily Mindfulness

How do you cultivate mindfulness in the stress of your daily life? One great way that I have found is to meditate and exercise at the gym or at home. Breathing slowly, focusing on the movements of my body, and building a stronger sense of my spirituality is key to having a strong mind to take on the day.  If you can set aside enough time to cater toward reflecting on your thoughts and emotions from the negative and positive events in life, you’ll find that you can focus better attention on what really matters the most. No need to seek an intervention to combat your stress, binge eat your favorite tub of Ben and Jerry’s, or vent about your day just yet!

Mindfulness exercises effectively deal with stress.

Move That Body

Let’s talk about honesty in recovery, especially from the events in life that are difficult to go through. Whether you had an argument with your boss, can’t deal with the responsibilities coming your way, or just feel discouraged to perform your best, exercising is the activity for you. You don’t need to be a bodybuilder or professional athlete to be able to clear your mind, as our body releases “feel good” hormones when we work that help us solve the stress away. The next time you have some time to spare, look up a Youtube video for a quick and easy at home workout or hit the gym and bust out some cardio. Building up a sweat and helping your body get stronger helps you feel more satisfied with your mental state and clear up your thoughts. After you’re done, you’ll be feeling a strong sense of accomplishment and will have a much sharper focus to battle through any other tasks left in the day.

A great workout that I do when I’m busy and stressed is to run for half an hour, followed by a couple simple stretches. Since high school, I have also been drawn to the release that running gives me when I need to take time to unwind. Being able to move my body quickly in powerful movements clears my mind and is something that simply binge watching T.V. or scrolling through social media just can’t accomplish.

Stretch The Stress Away

Mindfulness exercises for anxiety doesn’t have to complicated, in fact it doesn’t need any kind of special equipment at all. A great way to clear your mind if you have a few minutes to spare is by deeply inhaling and exhaling. One amazing way to incorporate this with exercise is by doing yoga. It’s not just for the hippies, yoga is everywhere these days and you can access quick tips by watching online videos in the comfort of your own home or by attending a free class at your local studio.

While you might be a little sore at first, the stretching and attention you need to do each movement is essential for mindfulness meditation for anxiety and stress. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try “hot yoga” or “acro yoga” as alternatives to the traditional yoga session that’s usually offered. “Hot yoga” is a great mindfulness exercise as you’re forced to literally sweat out your internal stress in a warm environment while strengthening your core. “Acro-yoga” is similar method but involves using stretchy bands and more complex movements similar to gymnasts would do when suspended in the air. People from any type of experience and kind of body type can enjoy these exercises if they want to clear their mind.

Exercise and yoga is a great mindfulness exercise in the long run.

Observe Your World

This doesn’t mean taking a selfie thousands of times in row, although if you really want to, don’t be afraid to knock yourself out. I do think mindful observation is another great mindfulness exercise as it helps you notice and appreciate seemingly simple parts of your surroundings in a more meaningful way. When we’re zoned in our social media posts and stories from our phones, we are missing moments that could have a positive effect on our moods and outlook. Health experts call this social media obsession disorders, or being otherwise glued to Instagram and Snapchat so much that we can’t go a few minutes off of it. For a simple piece of advice, the next time you have a few minutes free, try connecting with your natural environment instead of online. To start, try to choose a natural object that’s placed in your immediate environment and focus on watching it for a little. This could be a nearby dog, the clouds, or the large trees providing the shade over your head. Look at the object that you’re focusing on with high concentration and allow your stress to melt away as you start seeing the small details that make it whole. Many therapists recommend this method to feel gratitude for being alive and well in the world, as there’s always something to admire and be thankful for.

Why Practice Mindfulness?

You might think taking time to clear your head is a waste of time, but I promise that trying it a few times will really help you build stronger focus and energy during the day. Our mental state has a huge influence on the way the rest of our body feels, so having a happy mind will lead to better day without a doubt.  With regular practice of mindfulness exercise, rather than being led on auto-pilot by some negative emotions we may feel, we gain the ability to stay present and deal with challenges with a calm confidence.  If you want to learn how to better your sense of mindfulness, try taking an online mindfulness quiz that can be done from just about anywhere. You’ll notice just how easy it is to form a better mindset, accomplish your goals, and have a clear sense of the world in just a few minutes!



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