Monthly Archives: April 2018

Dual Diagnosis Problem

Every year, thousands of people are finding that they’re suffering from mental illness and getting over the strong urge to practice substance abuse. This makes finding a treatment method and effectively sticking to it a lot more complex than usual. Dual diagnosis is the term for a type of treatment that treats both addiction and read more »

Anxiety Symptoms in Men

Dealing with anxiety symptoms can bring on a lot of shame and guilt. The emotion is completely natural, yet when it comes to experiences of anxiety in men, suppressing feelings is the expectation from society. Almost every mainstream show and movie from at least a couple years portray super heroes, fighters, and bodybuilders as hunks read more »

Tips For Daily Mindfulness

How do you cultivate mindfulness in the stress of your daily life? One great way that I have found is to meditate and exercise at the gym or at home. Breathing slowly, focusing on the movements of my body, and building a stronger sense of my spirituality is key to having a strong mind to read more »

Relapse Prevention

Staying sober after detox and building strong relapse prevention coping skills can be difficult for a person who struggle with a previous addiction with alcohol. Who’s to blame them, as the substance is highly potent when it comes in contact with the body and can cause both short and long term damages when consumed too read more »