Alcohol Assessment For Recovery

 Alcohol: Then And Now

 Let’s take a step back with the clock. Imagine it’s the early 1900s, and you live in a small town with your family who’s fighting to survive. Long before we had accessible drinking water, we had wine and rum to cleanse out the dirty bits so we could have an easy refresher. Alcohol was a holy grail for fighting off signs of infection, cleansing a hurting stomach, and even brushing your teeth. The Irish had their Guinness, the French had their fine wine, and the Russians had their vodka to celebrate the good times as much as get on with their lives.

Fast forward to today, and alcohol is pretty much anywhere we can literally imagine. Check out any gas station, corner of a street, restaurant, or bar and you’ll find mixed drinks, hard liquor, or cute travel size wine bottles to pack in your pocket. Not saying that’s healthy to have everywhere you go, but it’s common to find people growing more dependent than ever on their drinking habits. Some control it better than others, whether they’re a college student, professional worker, or a mom or dad who needs a break from the stress.

Regardless of your gender, favorite hobby, level of personal income, or industry background, experiencing an intense physical reliance on the “high” that alcohol brings can develop into a full-fledged addiction over time.

Without proper assessment or treatment, people fall short on knowing about the true causes of alcoholism and how to control the physical signs of alcoholism they face.

Causes of alcoholism stem from your personal background.

How Does Addiction Happen?

 Becoming an alcoholic isn’t like winning the lottery. Growing dependent on drinking takes much more than a few random events of being exposed to it and trying your chance on making it out not hungover. Even if you can recognize you have a problem, the way you treat your physical signs of alcoholism is crucial to your health.

With frequent drinking and making excuses, however, people can start fall into addiction and wonder why they’re stuck in such a dark rut.

Whether you’re the child of an alcoholic, your friends love a daily wine night, or you’re just too stressed to not binge some shots, causes of alcoholism depend on your personal situation. The most common reasons are facing consistently high stress environments or people, from work, a club, or school. Maybe your nagging family is boiling your blood to the point that you need to let loose a few times a week. Or maybe you have some extra money left to spend it on drinking and finding a new stud to spend your weekends with.

The truth is we all have our reasons, and we’re often guilty of shoving the part of our minds disagreeing with the unhealthy habit to the back of the mind.

With enough time and effort, addiction happens when alcohol becomes an emotional, mental, or physical crutch to just get by. Slurred speech, dizziness, feeling queasy, or even passing out are all side effects of taking too much of the common drug. Multiply one night of binge drinking by ten to one hundred and a person will experience increased risks of cancer, kidney or liver failure, decreased health of skin, and even a chance for having a heart attack.

If that doesn’t scare you enough, imagine losing your job, failing your classes, or losing a friend or family member from doing something not well thought out under the influence. The consequences heavily outweigh the short term benefits that alcohol may bring

Treatment Is Tiresome

It’s totally understandable to feel like getting treated for physical symptoms of alcoholism is a waste of time, necessary, or just a pain. It takes up time during your day and you might end up talking to a total stranger about the thoughts that you rarely share with anyone else.

However, sometimes in order to be successful we must put ourselves in uncomfortable situations to grow and learn. That’s what life is all about when it comes to developing into a stronger person. Seek what resources are available to help you such as alcohol treatment centers in Florida. You can also consider consulting advice from any friends who have successfully battled addiction, or even just talking to family members for support.

Reaching out is the key to gaining more information and experience from people who know exactly what you are going through. Remember that you’re not alone and you always have room to improve.

If you look at the monumental people in the media today, you’ll find that many have shared a similar past in drug, alcohol, or other forms of abuse. Those were the darker days that took control of their emotions, motivation, and outlook of life in general.

Take Kai Greene, for example, who turned to violence and drugs to get by the daily stress of life. However, it wasn’t until he was thrown in jail and forced to treat his addiction did he gain a clearer perspective and realization that his health was important. From then on, he put all his energy to growing stronger, faster, and more inspired to become the bodybuilding champion and fitness industry leader he is today. While his case is a little extreme, he’s a true case for anyone that you can change whenever you want. The decision is up to you.

Get Your Assessment

 This doesn’t mean seeking a school counselor, the principal, or your Mom to find the answers to your drawn out struggles. While not widely talked about, I truly think seeking an addiction-specific professional’s input on why you’re addicted to alcohol can be the extra push to get the help you need. Alcohol assessments are free, quick to take, and can be done from just about anywhere. If you’re feeling bored on the bus, waiting for work or class to start, or are just killing time at home, there’s no excuse to not give it a try and see the results for yourself. You can even imagine you’re taking a Buzzfeed quiz for fun, it works just that fast to gain more insight on your personal situation.



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