How to Prevent Common Street Drug Addiction


common street drugs

Over the years many people have come up with many different ideas to prevent drug addiction in teens and knock it out of society once and for all. In my opinion, if we really do want to get rid of it then we could just enforce the death penalty for anyone in possession of drugs, however thats a strict policy discussion for another time. In this section I will be discussing the pro’s and con’s of Trump’s thoughts on how to decrease the use of drugs in the United States. President Trump believes that the best way to tackle teen drug abuse and overdose issues is to start talking to the youth about the dangers of drugs and the serious affects it can have on someone’s life. If the problem is tackled before it starts and the youth understand the complications common street drugs can cause in someone’s life then they may never start. Thus putting an end to drug abuse once and for all.

Why this wouldn’t work and doesn’t work

As a child were you ever told to tidy there room but you just ignored the request and got in trouble for it later? Did anyone ever tell you to study harder for a certain exam but you didn’t? Do many loving parents tell their children not to go near common street drugs and the dangers it can have? The answer to all of these questions is yes. Telling adolescents and youths what to do with their lives can sometimes have little impact on the life choices they make and the path they choose to go down. Just lecturing young children on the do’s and do not’s of life can even make them more curios to experience what someone is telling them not to do. At the end of the day someone will make their own decisions no matter what is told to them. Do I think having school programs in place that sit children down every now and then and remind them of the dangers of the drug are beneficial? Yes I certainly do, it can have an affect on some children, especially ones that maybe live in lower income areas where drug issues are more prevalent and maybe an issue found in their parents or guardians. However will these minor talks have major impacts on the drug abuse rate and overdose rate in America? In my opinion certainly not, there are already these types of programs in place, and along with this there are many caring parents, guardians and family members who want to remind their young of the dangers drugs can bring into someones life. Although sadly drug related issues are still occurring more than ever across the country.

Types of programs in place to help teen drug abuse

Throughout America there are many different programs already in place that try and help prevent drug abuse in growing teens. This period in life can be a tricky one to navigate as its all about fitting in with their peer group, so sometimes a teens choices will be made for them. Not only this but in lower income areas some teens can be dragged into gangs against their will and thrown straight into the drug world. When you are surrounded by drugs on a daily basis and people who abuse them its hard not to start abusing the substance yourself. Many people in society does not want to be seen as an outcast, so if everyone else in your group is doing it you may feel obliged to do it even if you don’t want to. Some school programs have been incorporated to discuss the importance of staying away from drug and the terrible affects they can have on your life. Such as D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) that was launched in 1983 and is a K-12 education program. These types of programs are both to inform the youth of how dangerous they can be, and also to hopefully scare them into staying sway from drugs for good. As teen drug abuse is very common then it can be tough to know what specific age group is the best to target if you are going to implement informative talks as your major plan for drug abuse eradication. Some children are born into families where both parents are drug abusers and have been exposed to drugs since birth, therefore having a talk with them at the age of fifteen about the dangers of drugs could be many years to late. They may have already started stealing and using some of their parents stash, or even accidentally experiment one time and became addicted that way. D.A.R.E had been criticized for its ineffectiveness and therefore its operating revenue dropped from $10 million is 2002 to $3.7 million in 2010.

So why is common drug abuse tough to tackle

There are a few reasons why drug problems are so hard to tackle. For a start drugs are still so readily available in America that it makes it very easy for someone to start using drugs. To go with this these substances are known to be highly addictive, therefore someone who was maybe just planning to try it once could end up becoming highly addicted to a certain drug. Not just teenagers are abusing drugs, it is a very prevalent issue in the workplace as well. Maybe drugs are used to destress after a long day at the office, or to get fired up for a conference event or to be more outgoing at a social event. Maybe the person just enjoys the way it makes them feel and is so addicted they sometimes have to obtain that high during work hours. Whatever someone’s reasons may be for abusing drugs it definitely isn’t a good enough excuse for the dangerous consequences that come with it. A lot of people do want to make the world a safer and better place, drug abuse is a growing issues in some communities and barriers need to be put in place. However I just do not believe adding more informative programs is the way to go. In my opinion it will take a much stricter policy to eradicate drugs once and for all, but hey, that’s just me.

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