Contact Sports and Xanax Addiction

Xanax for pain in football

Many athletes who play contact sports will get described pain relief medicine by their trainers and doctors to get them ready to practice and play pain free. Getting hit by 250 pound bulldozers over and over again can eventually take it’s toll on someone’s body, and strong pain prescription drugs may be administered such as Xanax. This is definitely one of the more serious drugs to get administered as it is known to be highly addictive and can have serious withdrawal affects on someone’s body and mind. Taking pain medication is definitely a normal thing in the sporting world, however I don’t know if I would ever take Xanax for a long period of time knowing the dangerous effects it can have long term.

A personal story with pain medication

I know all to well about the need for pain medication in sports. As a tennis player for the University of Illinois we have a grueling practice and competition schedule that can sometimes lead to minor injuries plaguing your body. Having to deal with the pressure of competing for such a high ranked team you don’t want to miss any days of practice so you try and battle through any aches and pains you have. Overuse of the shoulder and knee problems are highly prevalent and can lead to need pain medication to get through practice somedays. Obviously this is nowhere as physically painful as a full on contact sport such as football, rugby, boxing etc. Therefore I was only taking Advil/ Ibuprofen and never had to use a prescription drug such as Xanax. This is one of the prescription drugs that can be abused as it is highly addictive. Many people would not want to go near it for these reasons, however as a high performance athlete your salary can rely on your bodies ability to perform, therefore if the doc says Xanax is the only way your going to be feeling ok for the next game, or to get in this next play then maybe that’s what it takes. Athletes love to compete and hate taking time off so will do whatever is needed to get back in the shortest time possible. If that means taking strong drugs to ease the pain so they can play then so be it. Xanax addiction is very real and scary, however everyone always thinks that it will never happen to them and are therefore less worried about taking it initially. It is not always the case that Xanax abuse occurs but this medication has a higher chance than many others due to its addictive nature.

Alternatives to Xanax Medication

There are many other ways to treat injuries and nurse yourself back to health without taking pain medication. In fact pain medication will never help the long term progress of your injury, it will just numb the pain for the time being. Therefore if you don’t get to the root of why you are feeling pain then you could be stuck taking Xanax for a very long time. One way to avoid Xanax is doing consistent rehab and making sure that you are taking appropriate time off. No ones body is made to handle 24/7 activity, therefore if your attempting to do that then an injury is almost inevitable. This is incredibly true for contact sports, especially as the more time you spend in the line of fire the more chance there is of you getting injured. Other methods to decrease inflammation, aches and pains, include having regular deep sports massages, to work out any tension in the body so your muscles are able to relax after a long day of practice. Another great idea is to take regular ice baths, that will take away any swelling or inflammation. in the body. Finally a consistent stretching program and maintaining a healthy and balanced diet will allow your body to recover better and more fully.

Final thoughts on using Xanax for pain

While I can totally understand why many athletes take Xanax I still do not believe it is the best way to treat an injury. There are much better ways to treat an injury long term and cut a dangerous prescription drug out of the picture.

Unfortunately, many athletes are prescribed powerful pain medication far too frequently. This can quickly lead to drug abuse. If you are seeking help for substance abuse, please consider drug rehabilitation. Alternatively, if you work for a drug rehab center, make sure you are maximizing your marketing efforts. The more people are made aware of your treatment services, the sooner they can overcome their addiction and begin rebuilding their lives.

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