Why is drug addiction stigma a terrible thing?


Drug addiction

There is definitely a known stigma surrounding alcohol and drug issues that only the lower class and lower income families would have these types of problems. These types of beliefs and views can often lead to embarrassment for a lot of people if they start to suffer from a substance abuse addiction. These types of addictions can creep up on anyone for a multitude of reasons no matter your social background or economic status. Some people take drugs to calm themselves down after work; others may drink alcohol to achieve the same effect. Many famous people have also been known to struggle with these problems as they try to achieve different types of highs in life when they are able to afford whatever they want whenever they want. Substance abuse is a prevalent problem and trying to sweep it under the rug can only make people’s problems worse. Someone suffering from substance abuse needs to seek help and talk about these issues with people they love. If they feel they are unable to do so due to being judged then it can worsen their symptoms as they feel isolated and alone. Leaving the substances the only thing they want to turn to.


#Nomoreshame for addicts


#NoMoreShame is a new campaign created by The Treatment Center in Florida. It is about being on top of these issues and being the first to start the conversation in your community. Substance abuse issues takes more than 100 lives every day, lives that could be saved if there was less embarrassment that came from being stigmatized as an individual suffering from an abuse problem. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves a second chance in life, no one should be judged for their actions as people have no idea what others are suffering from or going through. Battling a drug addiction is tough enough, thus to battle that and the stigma that goes along with it can be a grueling mental process for a lot of people. This is why many rather stay sheltered in their own home and try and work their own way through their problems without telling anyone around them. This is a dangerous road to go, as without anyone monitoring them one overdose or drunken mistake can mean the quick end to someone’s precious life.


How to battle drug addiction stigma
There is no easy answer to the question of how to battle this stigma on a national level. However if we all try to play our part in our small communities to make people suffering from these problems inclusive and not an outcast, then we become one step closer to saving that person’s life before it is too late. So join the battle against drug addiction stigma today, and stand up for someone in your community.

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