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Contact Sports and Xanax Addiction

Many athletes who play contact sports will get described pain relief medicine by their trainers and doctors to get them ready to practice and play pain free. Getting hit by 250 pound bulldozers over and over again can eventually take it’s toll on someone’s body, and strong pain prescription drugs may be administered such as read more »

How to Prevent Common Street Drug Addiction

  Over the years many people have come up with many different ideas to prevent drug addiction in teens and knock it out of society once and for all. In my opinion, if we really do want to get rid of it then we could just enforce the death penalty for anyone in possession of read more »

Xanax and anxiety

There are many different type of prescription drugs that are given to us by doctors for many different reasons. You may get septa for a mouth infection, penicillin for a throat infection or many other different kinds. However some people do not realize just how addictive some of these drugs can be, for example if read more »

Why is drug addiction stigma a terrible thing?

  There is definitely a known stigma surrounding alcohol and drug issues that only the lower class and lower income families would have these types of problems. These types of beliefs and views can often lead to embarrassment for a lot of people if they start to suffer from a substance abuse addiction. These types read more »