Technology and the home security

Once upon a time, using technology to keep you and your family safe at home seemed like a foolproof idea. However, in this day and age, hackers are able to break through some of these IoT (Internet of things) technology security shields and find themselves inside your house in no-time – as Forbes shows these devices are heavily embedded into our consumer market. We all know of such devices that are used for convenience around the house, such as the voice assistive Amazon Echo, to play music, order things online, and even turn your lights on and off. Or how about the quick and easy garage fob, to open the door as you’re coming into the garage? All of these are great ideas. Although, if a hacker can break through your IoT network, it will be very easy for them to access your house. In this situation, what are some of your best options you may ask?

Ghosting your security network

Having as many safety measures in place when it comes to home security is always a good idea. A home is somewhere that you should feel safe from the outside world. If you have a family to take care of, you will know the feeling of necessary protection that is required. For this reason, if you have technology in place to keep your home safe, making sure it is up to date and safeguarded is a must. We all know of such IoT investments that can keep your home safe. But are they really as safe as you think?

A hacker is able to break through visible networks and gain access to your home in a matter of minutes. They could break in at any time and fatal incidents may occur depending on the situation. Having measures in place to stop these incidents from happening is crucial to having a safe home. Making sure that your IoT devices are protected in some way is very important, therefore adding smart home security could be a great option. It’s much harder for thieves to find things that are invisible. This is exactly what the Guardian Project from Tor aims to do. According to Tech Crunch, funding in 2015 had exceeded 3 million dollars for this project – showing many people felt the need to have these securities in place.

Where can you find an installation service?

There are many trusted local locksmiths that can help you out with these advanced technological installments in your home. It is definitely not something to take a chance with and I would highly suggest investing in something right away to protect yourself and your family from any potential break-ins. At Locksmith Sarasota, they will take the time to discuss what your best options are and how to safely install these up to date technologies in your home. Previously many soft-wares were enough to keep intruders at bay, however just as technology improves so does their ability to find ways around it. Don’t hesitate to make your home as safe as it can be! Hope this information helps.


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