The difference between outbound marketing and inbound marketing

Whether it’s through online advertisements, social media posts and videos, or even sometimes pesky pop-ups, it’s very apparent that many businesses are trying to find ways that best utilize the world wide web to promote their products. In marketing terms, there are two different avenues you can take to market a product or business: inbound marketing or outbound marketing. The difference between these is that inbound will use more of an internet marketing approach, and outbound will be more of a traditional marketing approach. This is just the basics of what they mean, but what are the many other differences that you should know when deciding what marketing strategies to use? It’s very important to know the key differences before choosing an approach and hopefully sticking to it.

Understanding the terms inbound and outbound

Whether you are starting a new business from scratch or just trying to increase awareness of your current business or product, it’s crucial that you start to invest in a marketing campaign that can best suit you. With the amount of technology present in the modern world, it can sometimes be hard to choose a marketing path. With radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, internet and so many other outlets to market a product it can be very difficult to decide which one is Ideal for your business.

If you were to choose a more traditional marketing approach, which would include things such as direct mail, TV commercials, telemarketing, this would be considered an outbound approach to your marketing campaign. The idea behind these types of campaigns is to raise awareness for your business, product or brand by sending mass messages to the public. Hopefully, by spreading the message far enough and wide enough, it will catch generate some new customers and increase sales and profits. In the past, these types of strategies were the main ones that brought customers through the doors. However, with a lot of competition in the traditional marketing world, less people are paying attention to these methods. We have all had mail that we don’t even open and throw in the trash, or we change the channel or radio station when the commercials come on. So outbound marketing may not be the most cost effective strategy for your business if a lot of your audience won’t even hear the message you are putting out there. These methods are all one-way communication lines and it’s very hard for people to interact with.

If outbound is something you have tried but is not what you want, maybe implementing the inbound marketing method could be right for you. This method is very basic and it refers to pulling audiences in and increasing brand exposure by utilizing the world wide web. Posting valuable online content such as blog posts, social media, websites, and paid ads optimized for certain search engine keywords can really make a difference. These are placed tactically and ready for customers looking for what you are offering to seek out, not by it being forced in their face through traditional marketing forms. The key is providing value in your content that draws people into your website organically. A lot of people use the internet in most societies, in fact, in 2015 the International Telecommunication Union estimated about 3.2 billion people, which is almost half of the world’s population, would be online by the end of that year. These sort of numbers speak for themselves if you were to ask the question ‘is online marketing worth it?’

Strategies that utilize inbound marketing

There are many methods which use inbound marketing strategies. One of these ways is search engine optimization, which is a process of helping your webpage climb search engine rankings making it more visible in your potential market from specific keyword searches. Another way to do so is by creating great online content that people find informative. If people enjoy reading what you have to offer, then it can gain attraction from customers and quickly. Finally, making sure the webpages you put up are user friendly and quick to load is another crucial aspect.

Mix N’ Match

It is ultimately up to each business to decide how they want to market their products and brand. There is definitely nothing wrong with wanting to use a little (or a lot) of each approach as both can be effective and both have shown that they pull in results. If you are serious about starting a marketing campaign but are unsure what’s right for you, I recommend checking out these useful tips on how traditional marketing and internet marketing can work together for your brand.

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