The transition to college life and the anxiety it can bring

The transition between high school and college can be a tough one for many students. Moving away from the comfort of home and family can really take its toll on a lot of young adults. College campuses can be a hectic place with the exam pressures and some of the social pressures that go with it. Being new on a college campus is difficult as you always want to fit in. Sometimes this can cause anxiety and stress if you are in a totally new place with no friends. In addition, having to deal with the pressures exams and grades brings can push some students over the edge, and cause anxiety disorders. These types of disorders are sometimes never properly diagnosed even though many young adults may have them. They are very treatable and should be taken seriously. If not, anxiety issues can sometimes lead to substance abuse in order to numb the emotions and escape reality. Substances such as drugs and alcohol are readily abused due to anxiety, and making sure you know what signs to look out for can help you figure out the state of your mental health as you move through college.

Signs and symptoms of a growing anxiety disorder

Mental health is something many people overlook and can cause many issues for a lot of young adults. In a recent study, 75% of people who develop anxiety issues will experience symptoms before they are 22. This means that knowing what some of these symptoms are can help you catch and diagnose it early.

First, excessive worrying can be a stepping stone to developing an anxiety disorder. Another way to pick up on anxiety is the constant feeling of impending doom or that you are in danger. Constant emotional tension can mean the start of an anxiety disorder. If you find yourself sweating more than usual or uneasy about doing new things, you may also be developing anxiety.

Finding a way to treat your symptoms is the first step towards being anxiety free. Finding a healthy outlet is a very important part in doing this. It seems that alcohol is an easy way to deal with these issues and that is why many students turn to it. However, it only represses it, making your anxiety worse when you’re sober again. Taking up a sport or hobby is a great way to relive some of that tension you’re feeling. Any sort of hobby that involves physical activity can be a very healthy one for the body and mind. Being able to find something to put your mind at east and to have an outlet is a great way to move away from the stress!

If you or a loved one have already turned to substances as your outlet, you may want to consider looking for a center that can help treat you. Maryland Recovery offers dual diagnosies for patients suffering from both an anxiety disorder and substance abuse issues. It can be very difficult to find the support and motivation you need to stop using, so having trained professionals to guide you through the process can be a great way to start.

Different types of anxiety disorders

When it comes to mental health, there are a few different disorders that you could be plagued with. Not everyone who has anxiety has it for the same reason or developed it the same way; this is what distinguishes what type of anxiety you have.

For someone who has anxiety about a past event, their anxiety would be characterized as PTSD – post traumatic stress disorder. This is frequently experienced by people in the military, and constant nightmares and flashbacks would be a sign of this.

Another type of disorder is SAD – social anxiety disorder, which means you feel uncomfortable socializing or in large crowds of people. There are many other disorders and Maryland Recovery has provided a full list of disorders. If you abuse substances due to feeling some of these emotions, you should think about getting in touch today. Anxiety is a very real issue and without the right treatment it may get worse. It’s never too early to make sure your mental health is in the right place!

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