How creative writing can differ from marketing writing

Marketing writing and creative writing are totally different types of writing. One is to mainly inform and the other is to keep the audience hanging on the each of their seats. This means different writing techniques need to be applied for each style, and it can be tough to separate them depending on what type of writer you are.

When you’re trying to market or sell a product on the internet, the way you write will be more direct and less creative. This can become an issue for many writers as they do not find what they are writing stimulating and can get burnt out quickly. It’s hard to write content all day long without adding the flare you want to it. At the end of the day, superfluous writing only means extra time your audience has to spend reading your information to find what they are trying to look for.

The simple answer is, when you’re writing for online marketing purposes, your goal is to write as concise as possible. Your audience is using the Internet for a reason; they want information fast and they want it now. Writing as if your audience is the laziest person alive can be a good trick to make sure you are writing in the most effective way. Marketing writing can be a tough task as you can second guess your opinions on what you should and shouldn’t include. If you are ever struggling, there are a few writing techniques you can utilize to get through writers block.

A few ways to overcome writer’s block

If you’re struggling with writer’s block, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to jump start your mind. This issue can happen to any great writer at some point, however good writers know how to push through it. No matter if you are copywriting, content writing or creative writing, you can get past writer’s block.

If you have ever lost your muse and don’t feel like writing, try using some of these tactics to bring your brain back to life:

●  Taking a step away from what you are currently doing to do something else that is creative can help fire up your brain. For an example, going to paint, or build something can help refresh your mind and get those writing juices flowing again.

●  Eliminating distractions can help you focus better. Turning off the phone and being shut away can have a positive impact on how well you write.

●  Cleaning up your workspace can help your mind declutter and be more open. They say you can tell how organized someone is by the state of their desk. If your desk is cluttered, chances are your brain will be too.

●  Writing early in the morning can be very effective. When you first wake up, your brain is still in theta mode, the brainwave pattern that your mind is in when you dream. It is surprising how well you can write at the crack of dawn.

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Effective writing for web page purposes

Novel writing and content writing for a web page are two totally different tasks. When reading a novel the audience will (hopefully) hang on every word. However, on a webpage, research suggests that only 16% of readers will read every word. This means you have to make your content to the point and unwavering if you want to keep a reader’s attention. The internet is a vast sea of information and we all know it, therefore if the audience cannot find what they are looking for quickly, It is more likely they will leave your website.

Writing for marketing purposes and taking the creative flare out can hinder someone’s writing ability. “Burning out” is very common amongst writers. This means finding another creative outlet such as painting, free writing every day or even keeping your own journal can be an important part of a copywriter or content writers daily routine. Effective marketing writing is short, snappy and to the point, and gives the audience what they need without undermining their intelligence. It’s a tough task but with a lot of practice it can be a useful skill to master.

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