A tough experience – when to get drug and alcohol intervention 

When someone you care about begins to use drugs or drink alcohol excessively, it can be scary. These substances can not only change how they act in their daily lives but can also cause major damage to their bodies. It is something that no family wants to have to deal with and can be a daunting task if it is the first time it has happened. Having to step in and take away a substance that is starting to play a larger and larger role in their life can be a very hard thing to do. Sometimes it is tough to know if you have reached that stage yet. If you are unsure about enrolling into a drug and alcohol intervention, take this free drug and alcohol intervention quiz provided by Family First Intervention. However, even if you come to the conclusion that it is needed, you do not know how they will respond. You do not know how taking away this substance will affect them in the weeks to come. This is why having a professional interventionist involved can help the process move along much smoother. Interventionists can be found at some drug and alcohol treatment centers and have proved to make thing a lot easier for the family and the addict.

Drug addiction takes person with overdose.

How drug addiction can happen – a personal story

From my own experiences I know all too well what this type of addiction can do to someone. One of my close friends throughout college began to drink excessively, party every night, drink alone other nights; no one really thought anything of it until we started to see him skip class to stay home and drink. We knew this was a major problem but also had no idea how to bring it up to him or voice our opinion that he had a problem. This meant the problem was growing larger and larger because we couldn’t think of a way to tell him. Eventually one of us had the courage to speak up and tell him we were all worried about him and felt he needed to cut back on the alcohol and start going to class more. As we know, it can be tough to see the issue if you are too close to the problem. Hence, for the first couple of weeks after this event, nothing had changed; he didn’t feel like he had a problem and didn’t feel the need to change his way. We had to tell his parents at this stage, who immediately pulled him out of college for that semester and had the problem handled by a specialist. After going through this experience I can see why having a professional drug and alcohol interventionist can make a large difference.

First of all, we wasted weeks trying to figure out how to tell him. His problem was just becoming worse. If we had contacted someone right away we could have stopped it before it had worsened. Second of all, we were unable to make him accept his problem – again lengthening the process and giving the addiction more time to deepen its grasp. Finally, even after leaving college it took his parents a long time before dragging him to a drug and alcohol treatment center where they helped him move past this problem and back to leading a healthy lifestyle. All these steps could have been cut out with a professional interventionist who would have cut the problem off at its root and made everyone feel more willing to move ahead with rehab a lot sooner. If you feel it has come to that stage then, Family First Intervention can help you and your family move past these worrying habits and onto a healthy and better life. It is a drug and alcohol treatment center where professional interventionists are there to aid you through this grueling process.

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