Youth and common street drugs in the Modern World

Youth and common street drugs

Drugs and alcohol abuse in the youth.

In this day and age, there are so many drugs available on the market it can seem impossible to safe guard against them all. To go with this young adults are always finding different drug slang terms to describe the types of drugs they are using. This means it can become very hard for a parent or guardian to detect that their dependent is beginning to get sucked into the world of drugs. Even though we don’t see it every day 1 out of 16 high school seniors attest to using marijuana daily. That means out of the 17 million high school seniors that started school in the fall, on average 1 million of these students would be using marijuana daily. With this college use of drugs also grew a whopping 11.8% putting that the largest increase since 1980. These facts and figures should be an eye opener to legal guardians who need to begin to put their foot down and understand more about the drugs their children are using. The risks of using these drugs are too dangerous to ignore, thus learning the list of illegal drugs and some of their street names could be a starting point for many. Not only can it endanger their health but also their bank account. According to the Huffington Post, over 100 billion dollars was spent on drugs in 2014 – making it one of America’s most sought after illegal substance.

Common street drug slang

Even some of the most common street drugs have names that you may not be able to pick up on; such as Adderall being referred to as ‘uppers’, or marijuana being nick named ‘dank’ around the house. These are interesting names which have no correlation to the common drugs they are actually taking. For this reason, it could be worthwhile to look up the full list of illegal drugs and the street names that could be associated with them. This way you are able to detect any use of these word in conversations with their friends in an attempt to thwart further efforts of continued drug use.

How to pick up on early drug use

NO drugs for the youngs or elderly.

It is a much tougher task for a parent or legal guardian to stop drug abuse on campus, it is typically readily available and can be purchased discreetly. For these types of situations, all you can do is install the correct standards and behaviors before they leave for college and hope they listen. This is why it is especially important that you are giving them the right knowledge about drugs and how to avoid getting into certain situations where drugs may be present. If these tactics have been attempted many times yet you are unsure whether they are listening there are a few tell-tale signs that drugs are in the picture. Traits such as sudden changes in mood, secretive behavior on a consistent basis, an attempt to distance themselves from family, poor grades and a frequent need for money are all signs that could mean they are abusing drugs without your knowledge. If this is the case and you don’t know where to turn, then using a drug and alcohol rehab center is never a bad option for a struggling parent or guardian. This is not an easy task to tackle alone, and sometimes confronting the issue on your own without the right guidance or lack of experience can make the situations worse.

What if a loved one is abusing

Drug addiction chains kids.

If they begin to pull away then it could worsen their situation and lead to an irreversible outcome. Having the correct information on the different type of street drugs and entering the recovery process can lead to a much healthier life. In my personal opinion, even daily use of marijuana in high school would be a reason to attend such a treatment center, no matter what drug it is the effects can only be negative, so putting an end before they enter college where they are to fend for themselves would be the ideal scenario.

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