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Prescription drugs vs. hard drugs – why times are changing 

As we all know drugs are given to you by a doctor for a specific purpose, either to cure an illness or treat an ongoing disease. Otherwise taking prescription drugs can be dangerous for your body and overall physical health. To go with this they can be very addictive if someone starts to take them read more »

Should alcohol be a feared substance?

Alcohol can be found anywhere these days; from your local liquor store, to a large supermarket, to the quiet corner shop on your street. Many people do not see alcohol as any sort of threat and like to include it in their lives. People argue that there’s no harm in alcohol because drinking a few read more »

Exercising your way to a sober life

Having to deal with a drug or alcohol addiction can be a tough ordeal. It can affect your entire body both mentally and physically and can have a firm grip on your life. An addiction can control how you decide to live depending on how deep rooted it is into your life style. Having the read more »

The transition to college life and the anxiety it can bring

The transition between high school and college can be a tough one for many students. Moving away from the comfort of home and family can really take its toll on a lot of young adults. College campuses can be a hectic place with the exam pressures and some of the social pressures that go with read more »

How creative writing can differ from marketing writing

Marketing writing and creative writing are totally different types of writing. One is to mainly inform and the other is to keep the audience hanging on the each of their seats. This means different writing techniques need to be applied for each style, and it can be tough to separate them depending on what type read more »

Why are some teenagers more prone to depression than others?

Mental illness is often not treated seriously enough and can lead to fatal outcomes. One of the most over looked illnesses is depression. Many people, even parents of teens, mistake this for sadness or sometimes even weakness, and do not look any deeper into the issue. However, teens more than ever these days are struggling read more »

Home security and the importance of a home lock

Home safety is one of the most important things to concern yourself with. If you cannot be safe in your own home then where are you truly safe? Making sure that the locks on the house are up to your standards and what you need is crucial to feeling secure at home. There are a read more »

Gun safety and gun safes in the United States

When it comes to gun safety there are many precautions one can take to maintain a safe environment at home. One of these measures that can help protect yourself and your family from any fatal accidents is a gun safe. The benefits of installing a safe definitely outweigh the negatives. There are many trusted local read more »

A tough experience – when to get drug and alcohol intervention 

When someone you care about begins to use drugs or drink alcohol excessively, it can be scary. These substances can not only change how they act in their daily lives but can also cause major damage to their bodies. It is something that no family wants to have to deal with and can be a read more »

Youth and common street drugs in the Modern World

Youth and common street drugs In this day and age, there are so many drugs available on the market it can seem impossible to safe guard against them all. To go with this young adults are always finding different drug slang terms to describe the types of drugs they are using. This means it can read more »