The importance of SEO for small business

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Importance of SEO for small businesses

For a small business owner to stand its ground in the marketplace, there is a growing importance to have a stand out online reputation. This online reputation is especially important when trying to break into a highly saturated market.

So what exactly am I referring to when I say online reputation? This is a website’s reputation in regards to following a strict set of guidelines that are put together by the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. These search engines have a lot of power and control over what many potential buyers and clients see when they try to find something online. For example, according to a study conducted by ‘Advanced Web Ranking,’ it shows that on the first page of results the top five results account for 67.60% of all clicks and the results from six to 10 account for only 3.73%. Therefore, it is extremely important for a business owner to maintain a well-regulated website that is up to search engine standards; with the rapid increase in the use of technology, search engine optimization has become a major factor in the success rates of many businesses.

SEO for beginners

Search engine optimization (SEO for short) is the process of maximizing visitors that will visit your web page by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results that are returned by a search engine. There are many ways to increase its search engine rating; this rating is determined by internal algorithms and knowing what these algorithms take into account is crucial in SEO. One of the key factors in having a high rating is user experience when they interact with your site. This includes having an easily navigable, clearly searchable site with relevant internal linking and related content. You want to publish content that will grab a visitor’s attention and make them want to stay on the site longer and explore all it has to offer.

With this comes the importance of having no broken links on your web page. If there are a few broken links on your site, i.e if a link takes you to a web page that has moved or no longer exists it will damage the ranking Google assigns to your site. Using a link extractor tool can be extremely effective when trying to boost the number of visitors to your site. This tool will run a check on your site to find any broken links for you. If you are interested in increasing the number of visitors to your site due to a higher page ranking check out Eminent SEO’s free link extractor tool.

On-page SEO vs. off-page SEO

The on-page part of search engine optimization is something that is in the web designer’s control. These are factors you can easily change and quickly have a better rating, such as putting keywords on your page’s title tags, putting keywords as headings, the loading speed of your web page and as mentioned above not having any broken links on the site.

Off-page SEO is controlled, simply put, by a number of quality backlinks to your website. This then comes full circle, as what your web page brings to the table in terms of content will eventually determine if other websites include links to it.

All in all, having a well-maintained site that is regularly kept up to date is a sure fire way to improve your chances of gaining customers. If you are serious about your web page’s SEO then you should consider the services of Eminent SEO. They are a full-service digital marketing company that will pursue every marketing strategy to improve your site’s performance in a search engine algorithm. They understand the importance of digital marketing as much as anyone and are always incorporating new and modern techniques to help your web page rise to the top- literally!

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